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said that our country has entered a high incidence of contamination that, especially in recent years, the average annual water pollution incident occurred in 1700 onwards; high density of water pollution incidents to the peoples cause great threat to the safety of drinking water . Under this premise, the water purifier market demand for rapid expansion, water purification equipment has also become the focus of competition in the home appliance market. The current household water purifiers common are two major categories: ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis water; household water purifier market have begun to "ultra-pure" Great Game; ultrafiltration machine from the very beginning welcomed by the market, now water machine latecomers.


To this end Xiao Bian visited some consumers major shopping centers, including one for reporters Wang said, the family had already installed a ultrafiltration water purifiers, but because of water pollution is too severe after purification machines will still be some tiny impurities can not be filtered in the understanding of household water purifying effect on the water to be far more water purifier, expressed an interest in buying one. Although the price of more expensive, but in order to ensure healthy water for your family it is acceptable.


It is obvious from the description Wang, ultrafiltration water purifiers for some serious water pollution in areas too, is not very satisfactory purification effect, alone drinking water purifier is difficult to directly reach the standard. The pure water treatment for water to be more precise, can be applied to different parts of the water, it will be no wonder that more and more consumers of all ages. But here also to the Shenzhen hundred Fukang region you support a move, too serious water pollution, water purification machines and water is best able to use with the machine, to ensure that the benefits are in addition to water purification effect, but also can increase water production .


a technical person in charge: household water through a small water purification technology with pressure and the product permeable membrane. Raw water into the machine by a constant pressure inside the filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and then through a reverse osmosis membrane filtration (pore size of reverse osmosis membrane since only 0.001 micron, so that substantially only into the receiving water molecules) is formed of pure water, then the drinking water has fully met the standards set by the state, and finally into the storage tank, on the formation of suitable people to drink pure water discharged through decomposition when small T33 cartridge.


Although good filtration performance of water, but in the pure water purification process will yield a lot of waste water, and waste water is substantially the ratio of 1: 3, and therefore the "water rat" said ; so we need to correct their attitude, BiActually now the market is not mature enough clean water, pure water there are still many shortcomings need to be addressed through practice.



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