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   With the increasingly prominent problem of drinking water, many people consider installing a home water purifier, but more people are hesitant. Water purifier really need it? Water purifiers will not be too expensive? Which water purification better way? Take these questions, small series and take a look at six water purifier knowledge Six Questions Answer it!




water purifier knowledge Six Questions to answer your purchase six A puzzled (Photo from Internet)

   First, what kind of water is assured good drinking water?

   as a colorless, odorless, bacteria, virus, no chlorine and trichloromethane, no organic chemical pesticide residues, heavy metal, such as lead, mercury, no impurities, oxygen (water activity), of minerals (calcium, magnesium, fluoride and other beneficial minerals) and weakly alkaline water is natural water good.

   Second, the role of the home water purifier which

   Household water purifiers can effectively remove rust and impurities in tap water, chlorine and invisible harmful pollutants, such as:? Heavy Metals ion, volatile organic compounds, etc., while retaining the minerals and other beneficial elements to provide healthy and safe water. By household water purifier filter water to cook crystal grain of rice, soup taste delicious, tea aroma.

   Third, for ordinary families, water purifier is not too expensive?

   bottle of bottled purified water 500 ml, with a total net amount of water 1 water purifier general in 2000 liters, which is equivalent to the amount of purified water bottle 4000 bottle. 1 bottle of purified water is assumed to be the purchase price of 1.5 yuan, 4000 bottles of water that is 6,000 yuan, while the Taiwan market to buy high-quality water purifiers cost about 5,000 yuan. And as long as the water purifier in the second year to replace the filter, the filter replacement costs around $ 1000. Not only in the use of water purifiers costs it has a great advantage, but more importantly, more secure safety and hygiene.

   Fourth, home decoration good, but also to install water purifier it?

   In general, it is recommended before renovation planned water purification installation location, to avoid post-installation in case no case of the installation space or the like, no power outlet. But it has been renovated families do not have to worry, as can the rate of new listings this year, "the beginning of the source water" series of water purifiers, is a Japanese original product, feature of the product is small, easy to install, and does not require electricity. And some reverse osmosis productionBulky products, required power, as space is not reserved in advance before the decoration, decoration End difficult to install there.

   Fifth, what better way to filter?

   filtering drinking water purification equipment currently on the market can be divided into activated carbon filters, PP cotton filtration, ultrafiltration, these four reverse osmosis filtration.

   each of which also have different filter effects, the activated carbon and PP cotton may be part of the organic matter in water, and other impurities adsorb large particles, small impurities filtered water, but can not remove heavy metal ions bacteria, viruses and water; Super filter may be smaller water particles, particles, organic matter and other impurities by filtration, the water can retain minerals but also shorter life; reverse osmosis filter can effectively remove the water colloids, particles, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metal ions , but the minerals in the water are completely removed, so the filtered water can only be called pure water, and filtration process will produce a lot of waste water, for originally very valuable water resources is a waste.

   Consumers should be based on water quality in your area, buy rationally using filtering technology to adapt to local water quality conditions of water purification products, not blindly listen to so-called technical propaganda.

   6, how to choose a good water purifier?

   at this stage water purifier brand variety, but really has strong research and development, quality-conscious professional brand very few. Therefore, consumers choose to focus on quality, trustworthy, shoulder social responsibility of big brands.

   Finally, Xiao Bian remind you that water purifier is a need for regular maintenance of appliances, so in the purchase, be sure to pay attention to after-sale protection brand choice Oh!

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