Water purification agents to join the brand go long-term str
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   With the gradual hot water purification industry, attracting many investors influx which, more and more businesses begin to focus on this industry, but many brands on the market, choose a good brand means chosen a bright road for water purification agents to join is also very good, but in order to obtain long-term development of these methods and still advance understanding of issues as well.




water purification agents to join to go is the key to long-term brand structure analysis (Photo from Internet)

   Select match products

   no matching products for water purification agents who want to develop prohibitively difficult. Matching product line or brand, allowing water purification agents from the weak to the strong rapid growth. Does not match the product line also allows agents to quickly plunged into the water purifier business of passive or predicament. Whether it is a single brand management, or multi-brand management, water purification agents must sell a product or to create a super-capable network construction, network maintenance, rapid flow, otherwise, no matter how strong your capital, how the team powerful, how advanced the idea, eventually hovering in the stagnant anxious.

   brand water purifier structural analysis is the key

   It is said that the water purifier brand agents must be multi-brand or multi-category management, this certainly is not saying Im not going to deny . If a single brand management, we must create a super single product, use the product rule structure, it must be done 1: 3: 6, that the image of the product accounted for only 1, high-margin products accounting for not more than 3 , rapid flow of products accounted for no less than 6, so the risk is rather small. If the multi-brand or multi-category management, a combination rule to substantially match 2: 3: 5 rule, cultivate products (brands) can not be more than two, growing products (brands) can not be more than three mature products (brands) can not less than 5, this brand portfolio is the most secure mode, no matter what changes take place inside or outside, for water purification agents who will not bring painful beating.

   out of the quagmire again or change the investments

   At present, no matter how large or small business suppliers, many of my friends are water purification agents did not understand this rule, to profit or to self-developed products the product (brand) as a lifeline, resulting in productCirculation fast, slow the growth of the brand, the only constant investment or changers, eventually leading to profit-margin products than the product but has become a burden on business. We see a lot of big business, on the surface very, very bright, but from downstream customers quality point of view, but it is poor, or constantly changing business investment, growth sinks, killed countless small distribution providers.

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