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   1,2018 water purifier market benchmark product channel up down

   have industry watchers said product upgrades + + new retail channel sink water purifier market will become the new 2018 dividend. Consumer demand is a dynamic process, product upgrades, too. In todays science and technology circle highlights frequent, "future" large areas of science and technology during the landing, water purification products iteration speed up, China water purifier manufacturers face more severe challenges than ever before. Some studies show that consumers in making purchasing decisions, there is no line, under the sub-line; "income", "experience" the buying behavior of consumers row fragmentation, the same is true in the field of water purification. Unified through online and offline channels, consumers get the best consumer experience. (Source: Todays headlines)


   2, water purifier winter turned out to be "frozen burst"!

   Recently, Ms. Zhang Baoji encountered such a situation, last summer installed a water purifier is the cracking winter, because it is not "three guarantees" range, Ms. Zhang had to bear part of the losses. Therefore Baoji liters of water purification Technology Ltd, who explained things complaint Yao Wenping, ambient temperature liters of water purifier is 5 鈩?~ 45 鈩? if the temperature is too low, the activated carbon in the water freezes, ice water a expansion, outsourcing will lead to burst pipes. The company will give customers tips on selling products, water purifiers do when you want to turn off the water valve, or it may occur ice water expands outsourcing burst pipe.

   Reporters from Angel, Patio water purifier and other manufacturers that, at present, there is the water purification industry standard operating ambient temperature, the outsourcing of pipe water purifier usually indicate the operating temperature range, but all manufacturers the standards are not the same. For professional use water purifiers such provisions, reporters found that most consumers do not know. (Source: China Daily)

   3, water production rate of less than 35% water purifiers are deemed unacceptable?

   reported that the water industry has introduced the first mandatory standard "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit", and will be formally implemented since 2018. According to reports, the standard made it clear that in terms of energy efficiency. For example, for water detection efficiency, calculated, grade, and water production rate. Water level is divided into five efficiency, a predetermined value is defined as 35%. Water yield less than 35% of the product is planned to substandard products.

   one of these new standards, the market will presumably harmonya lot of. And when consumers purchase products can also be clearly aware of the product energy efficiency, and water production rate, only caveat is that consumers buy products need to consult in advance the care and common sense, and businesses are also obliged to inform consumers of these treatments common sense. (Source: China Business Times Online)

   4, 2018, 14.47 million people in Tibet would improve the safety of drinking water

   Recently, the regions 2018 work conference on water was held in Lhasa. Autonomous Region Water Resources Department, party secretary, deputy director of the Dawa Tashi presided over the meeting, the regional Department of Water Resources and deputy party secretary, director of Sun Xianzhong delivered a work report.

   The meeting stressed that in 2018 to fight for the implementation and completion of water conservancy investment of 12 billion yuan. To accelerate the implementation of projects Lalo, Xiang River Water Control and Irrigation Project, Zhacang Ga reservoir, Zhuo in reservoirs, complete the next multi-Hydro Project, Yarlung reservoirs and irrigation district Jiangbei construction tasks, and strive to start construction of water conservancy card Chom Thong hub and get lietzow, more oil reservoirs and other key projects. Fight new and improved irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?2 acres, the new and improved forage base irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?.4 hectares, the construction of efficient water-saving irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?.5 hectares, 14.47 million to improve drinking water safety issues. The regions total water consumption control within 3.567 billion cubic meters, water quality compliance rate of major rivers and lakes water function area of 鈥嬧€媙ot less than 93%, the comprehensive management of soil erosion area of 鈥嬧€?10 square kilometers. To ensure the full establishment of long river system before the end of June, to establish a comprehensive system long before the end of the lake. To fully clean up water conservancy project construction and acceptance of the situation since the "Eleventh Five-Year" take positive and effective measures to crack various constraints, efforts to solve the remaining issues, to promote the project acceptance finishing work. (Source: Tibet Business Daily)

   5, open to environmental protection officially entered the ranks of international companies

   A few days ago, opened to environmental protection (stock code: 300 272) completed the Canadian CANATUREN.A.INC .51% stake acquisition, which is the first international acquisition, Mr. Zhao Li Jun, chairman following the publication open to "win the future with mindfulness" speech in early 2018, open to the implementation of environmental protection, the acquisition is also open to international environmental protection strategy promote the essence, marking open to environmental protection has formally entered the ranks of multinational corporations. (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

   6, the clean water source bid Tianjin National sponge urban construction projects

   Recently, high-tech environmental protection enterprise clean water source as the lead unit of the winning consortium Jiefang South Road area sponge urban construction projects. The project is one of the two pilot Area Tianjin Urban Construction to conduct nationwide sponge experimental work, after the success of the construction of clean water sources Chaobai River National Wetland Park, continue to play a technical advantage of the ecological environment construction, capital and wealth of practical experience, innovative solve water shortages in northern cities, especially the typical problems in the old city building "sponge the city", which will become the center of our metropolitan city demonstration sample sponge urban construction. (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

   7, at home and abroad well-known experts gathered in Xiamen look at China drinking water health standards

   Recently, the building hand in hand flood Technology Policy Research Center and the School of Economics of Xiamen University Xiamen University hosted the first "drinking Water and health Symposium" held the same day, experts, academics and practitioners expand the depth exchanges on drinking water and health problems, hope that through academic exchanges between experts and scholars at home and abroad with the high level of discussion, redefining health drinking water standards. The same day, around the health problems of drinking water, water treatment experts and global health field, gather together, from their own field of study, discuss the exchange on the latest results achieved. (Source: WASHINGTON)

   (Source: Xinhua)

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