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latest issue of "science", the report said surface water contains 68 kinds of antibiotics, and higher concentrations, and another 90 kinds of non-antibiotic pharmaceutical composition is detected. This news came out, immediately aroused great concern in the community. Many people ask: surface water contains so many chemicals normally do harm the human body it is now available in the market of home water purifier can solve this problem it


are reasonable concerns about the public??? among then for their doubt, household water purifiers whether antibiotics can effectively remove surface water, drinking water also everyone a safe environment?


it is understood that the average diameter of 0.22-0.7 micron antibiotics between, the difference almost the same size, and with advances in technology, the current water purification products can effectively remove impurities in the water, such as reverse osmosis water purification filter membrane accuracy of 0.001 m, it can effectively put the various in addition to antibiotics barrier filter to achieve purification. So, the question arises not terrible, naturally there will be a way to solve.


The question now facing the public, although like water purification products to ensure the health of your drinking water, so you drink safe water, but the general public always thought that drinking water is safe, so-called antibiotic not much concept, so that in order to allow more people to drink the health of safe water, water purification business long way to go, water purification industry still need to work for it.


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