Yen value and function of flying, TiaYu soft net water purif
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  Yen value and function of flying, Tian Yu net of soft water purification Packages Suggested: Tim net water purification Views: 374 Published: 2017-8-24 10:29:54 installation flexibility tim net pre-filter TQ-P1, net drink double reverse osmosis water purifier HRO2, net tim soften water softener TD-R, using hot water dispenser nano-speed electric film heating technology TG-G6, constitute tim Yu net net net water exclusive packages. Tian Yu net net use water purification packages, can enjoy clean drinking water and clean water purifier in the kitchen at the same time, to meet the dual needs for drinking and wash rice vegetables. The TD-R is equipped with a water softener, the water brings comfort of our lives. In addition to very powerful, Tian Yu net of flexible packages in the various water purifiers are high-value color "little fresh meat." Pre-filter is "Smurfs" is a value representing the color blue and white. Reverse osmosis water purification HRO2 abandoned square design, was added a more smooth lines, and the line speed hot water dispenser Bright Steel crystal glass panel, revealing and elegant atmosphere. Tian Yu net net water purification packages, comprehensive on sale, only for the pursuit of quality of life for you.

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