Youre just with healthy drinking water from aater purifi hom
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   In the big trend now artificial intelligence, science and technology is no longer a cold, and it appears in our lives in every corner, from smart phones to the current wisdom air conditioning, television and other intelligence, it has changed peoples lives way for people to feel the warmth of science and technology in a busy life.

   in todays society, the Internet has been most popular, is the time of things, smart appliances or integrated appliances has become an outlet for the pursuit of quality of life of the population, health and safety of drinking water, it is cause for concern. To create a healthy and safe drinking water live bad environment, there is no intelligent water purifier how to live?

   focus on family pleasure of home water purifier system solutions, has always been to product innovation as the core business strategy, I would like to spend a good product for every family sent warm, so that every Chinese family can drink clean and safe drinking water. Lay home water purifier 500G no barrel large flow of water purification intelligent balance of technology and is a product of an era, it holds intelligence more in line with todays widespread demand for drinking water safety and health, so that people can prepare an arbitrary character what the current water quality requirements, such as pure water, mineral water, both free water allocation, the heart to enjoy. Honorable, drink free.

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   Youre just one with healthy drinking water from the intelligent water purifier

   the United States has witnessed a Bonjour temperament

   It combines simple, stylish, elegant, noble, Merlot is a sense in one

   more honorable than fashion, more elegant than noble, more elegant style than the more pleasing than a grand.

   streamlined beauty and sense of honor each other, the United States and the temperament of the times Bonjour!

   whether it be on stage or the audience, similar to the extraordinary total value of outstanding color and temperament, you set off identity of.

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   Youre just smart and healthy drinking water from a water purifier

   composite filter, came out on top, water purification better

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   you and healthy drinking water purifierre just an intelligent distance

   PP / C filter - membrane filter - filter RO - post carbon filter

   four five filter cartridge

   PP + carbide composite filter

   ethylene polypropylene precisionPP cotton

   1-5 micron pore size filter interposed, rust effective filtering larger volumes of water, colloid, suspended solids and other pollutants

   Granular activated carbon

   I effectively removed chlorine, color smell, small organic molecules and some heavy metals

   save space more refined products

   two filter becomes a reduced space, the machine looks more sophisticated, bulky feeling farewell .

   purifying effect Combo

   technology two unity net net, a higher degree of collaboration, clean water and better reach more Priority Club life experience

   understand home joy water purifier brand details, please click on 瀹朵箰浜? width=

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