What kind of water softener belong
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   the benefits of soft water have been too overwhelming publicity business, few people do not know it. So, what kind of water softener part of it?




In everyday life, we often see the inner wall of the kettle will be generated after a long time scale, this is because many of our access to water contains inorganic substances, such as calcium , magnesium and so on. These salts can not be visually found in water at room temperature, they are once heated to boil, there are a lot of calcium, magnesium, precipitated in the form of carbonate, which scale is formed close to the wall of the pot. We usually water calcium and magnesium ions with the content of the "hardness" is represented by an index. So, what kind of water softener do belong? To answer this question, did a small series to find information, safety of drinking water now share a little knowledge in this area with you.


soft water (soft water) refers to water containing no or less soluble calcium, magnesium compound. Less likely to occur with soft soap scum, hard water and vice versa. Natural soft water generally refers to the river, river, lake (freshwater) water. Hard water softening treatment by means of calcium and magnesium content is reduced to 1.0 to 50 mg / L of demineralized water after obtained. While boiling temporarily hard water can be turned into soft water, but if the industry uses this method to handle a lot of water, it is very uneconomical.


needs to be reminded that, if the long-term exposure of demineralized water after a chemical treatment such as bathing, will be a considerable amount of salt absorbed into the body through the skin, to induce or aggravate symptoms of hypertension.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of what kind of water belongs to the soft water, soft water if you want to learn more about it and so can refer directly to small drinking water safety knowledge, come to pay attention to small series in the article it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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