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   State Council executive meeting February 11 Premier Li Keqiang chaired pointed out that, to promote Chinese economy towards high-end, improve product and service standards is the key, and determined to promote the standardization of reform measures to promote economic upgrading the direction of development efficiency upgrades.


It was noted that the next step should focus on changing some aspects of the existing management standard "soft" standard system "chaos" and the standard level "low" situation, promote the upgrading of product and service competitiveness, stimulate market activity to promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades. For this reason, the next state will be fully clean-up and revision of the existing national, industry, local standards, integration of existing mandatory standards at all levels, establish a mandatory uniform national standards in the areas of health, safety, environmental and other public interest, gradually reduce recommendation standards, and promote the transition to public welfare standards.


   It is worth mentioning that Li Keqiang repeatedly highlighted the health and environmental protection industries. Thus, and health and environmental protection industries are closely related to the water industry will undoubtedly become the focus adjustment object. And all along, lack of clean water national mandatory standards to a large extent affected the healthy and orderly development of the water industry.

   a number of refractory industry standard chaos

   due to non-standardized characteristics of water purifier, resulting in vulnerabilities are present in the core technology, production processes, quality health and even price, sale and other convenient. Reverse osmosis water purification technologies emerging from the ultrafiltration and microfiltration to nanofiltration; water purifiers ranging in price, filter replacement also varies from one hundred dollars to the million from a dozen to a thousand dollars; China 3000 behind the brand has more fresh water is less than 1000 manufacturers, and parts enterprises thrive even far more than the whole enterprise. Such a huge contrast behind the vast majority of "shell companies" and OEM assembly manufacturers.

   water industry chaos phenomenon for a long time. On the one hand consumers appear no choice in the purchase of water purifiers, blindly follow the situation even deceived, on the other hand are bad companies and businesses the inferior superior charge, even using means of intimidation Hang Meng profiteering.


   and most emerging industries, behind the rapid development of the industry is thriving associations and organizations. As a result, some of the banner to promote the healthy and orderly development of public welfare under the banner appears to actually profit from all kinds of standards should be connectedToo busy. According to incomplete statistics, at present associated with the clean water appliance standards nearly 20. These standards, most are recommended, and neither "uniform standards", did not require the manufacturer must perform associated with less standard production processes. More to the point, these standards were introduced by the different authorities, there is no uniform authorities, but there is no uniform regulation.

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