Water purification agents to join seasopromotis do tricks
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  When entering the water purifier sales season each year;

   Because of the frequent occurrence of water pollution in recent years to improve peoples awareness of safe drinking water; household water purifiers become more and more home care product of choice for safe drinking water , water purification agents of the franchisee to increase promotional efforts, and strive to achieve good sales during the peak season, large net water purifier remind proxy franchisee note the following promotional activities:


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   First, avoid water purifier sales unreasonable product structure

   season sales should increase sales as the most important, but at the same time should increase sales to improve long-term sales-based, rather than short-term sales. Participate in discount when new listings of water purification products just listed really is a good promotional tool, but after the price drop too low then restore the original price, consumers can not adapt, then saw a low-priced products to see high prices, most people do not buy the General Assembly, and after sales of new products have a long way to go, now low prices can not guarantee that there is enough room for price cuts. Some long time to market of home water purifier product promotion efforts can be great, let them play cheap war, set off new products, so that just listed also in the promotion of household water purifiers take to buy new gifts, a reasonable mix of old and new architecture, etc. promotional tool to let, rather than just lowering the price of new products, hinder future sales of road.

   Second, the sell-off or avoid product backlog serious

   do a good job market research and market analysis before the start of the season to find out the best sellers of the regional market, the market environment, consumer demand, full-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, and then according to their own funds, human capacity and inventory status, combined with the regions urban population, purchasing power and other factors to determine the approximate number of goods, such as consumer demand for low-speed large household water purification products should increased inventory season, off-season to high-end product image or only a small amount of goods delivery. In addition, dealers have to overcome the manufacturers marketing channels "take advantage" mentality, not because the temptation to channel manufacturer of promotional gifts or delivery of rebate policy and unrealistic delivery, resulting in a large number of home water purifier product backlog.

   Third, the more reasonable promotional discounts, promotional won with good results

   merchant blind pursuit of cheap, discount, promotions do not meet to take this home water purifier product image, regardless of the actual consumer demand for this product, so in the process of price cuts, these home water purifier brandTarget value and image among consumers but also with an excessive price declines, so that consumers of the produce non goodwill, resulting in promotion does not achieve the desired sales. Appropriate marketing approach based on the characteristics of the brand positioning and products, such as some high-end brand of home water purifier products are not price war, blindly low-cost discount to lower the grade, you can take buy gifts filled to capacity, and optimize after-sales service way, increase sales and improve consumer awareness of products to enhance the brands comprehensive ability, not to fall into blindly cut prices, cut-throat competition in the market situation.

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