Water purification agents to join ias the heavy choice
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   Ma Ali founded a decade ago, when only ten people, now grown to hundreds of billions of market capitalization, is because the choice of electricity suppliers in this industry development trend of the times, the fact that "more important than the choice as" "facts on todays water purification industry also has such magic, as long as the franchisee picked the right direction, getting rich is no longer a dream. "a well-known brand of water purifier official said. Todays water purifier industry is developing rapidly, its inherent market space is immeasurable. It is precisely this development trend, so that the water purifier market has become increasingly complex, increasingly fierce competition. As a franchisee, how to stand a good team, how to make a choice, naturally difficult.


   First, the selection of the segments of the water purifier

   joined as micro-entrepreneurs, in the wrong direction, then efforts are also little success.

   It is understood that todays living standards improve, peoples awareness of health also enhanced, so consumers tend to be more high-end water purifier, and the focus point by the price to the health products environmental performance. Therefore, some experts predict, water purifier will take the high road of environmental health, products become more personalized.

   As a water purifier noble, pure water not only high-grade air, and high filtration precision, safer drinking water, water purification trend is best "candidate" a. But the survey shows that in the early development stage of pure water, pure water brands do a better job not many.

   Second, segments of the brand of choice

   Although the water purifier is an emerging industry, but rarely do professional brand, mostly halfway decent, so this is to choose to join the brand the cause of many problems. Industry experts said that the brand of choice need to consider many aspects, such as brand awareness, brand strength, product quality and so on.

   in terms of brand awareness, in fact, he did not how many well-known brands, has done very little professional, joining such high-profile brands may be appropriate to reduce the cost of post-promotion franchisee, be invisible to the franchisee welfare. As for the strength of the brand, you need to measure from the hard and soft power. Hard power such as the size of the factory, production equipment.

   and in reference to product quality, we need to consider the quality and the conservation of products. As you think of high-end phones will think of Apple, of course, these are just part of the selection criteria, and consider additional standards will make you more accurateTo find their own direction. So, may quicken work.

   Third, the choice brand investment policy

   difficult road to joining the rugged, any franchisee in walking all need to have the strength to support, which is both the investment policy. Good investment policy can achieve the effect back to life, and to support the poor attitude of the dealers will collapse. That policy called what good policy? Quan, head of the investment net of thought, to be more specific help franchisees policy is a good policy, but also to put in place.

   "Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong people," attitude determines success or failure, the direction decided way. Say experts, the join venture to be careful to find a good direction is the key.

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