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  Springs to water purifiers spokesperson - Tao

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

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Tao known as the national good wife, she is "Langya list" of Ni Phoenix Princess, "Mi month biography" of Princess Di Mi Chu Shu, "Dragon" Arjuna, acted in costume, went to the show, love sports, like racing, or Special Olympics ambassador.







can be pure refined, can also be vivid colors and moving; can be lovely, can be eye-catching and capable, it can also be generous and handsome; fashion home, movie star, drivers, good wife, good mother, she always hold live various occasions. Obviously you can rely on face to eat, but the strength to fight - is said Tao. Tao is not only very professional career in the performing arts, dedication, creating countless classic screen image and become a national favorite entertainment stars, remains a rare and wonderful in their personal lives, elegance, operating a happy family, starting for the people to establish " National good wife, "the benchmark.





2016 spring to launch a variety of mineral water purifier water purifier, reverse osmosis filtration technology from the development to nanofiltration, stick good water, durability, safety, technological sense; spring as a 2015 consumer satisfaction with the brand, regardless of product and image are a perfect fit with the Tao. Hope in the coming days, we can bring more surprises and Liu Tao.

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