You know the body of water- Six functions that sustain life
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   our natural world in a variety of water (rain, sea water, river water, etc.) may know a lot, but for our own bodys water often poorly understood, or even ignorant. If we understand the role and function of water in the body, we will suddenly realize, and many will completely change the stereotype ensue.


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you know the body of water? Six functional life support (picture from the network)

   different physical and chemical properties of water, to assume a more critical body functions, the role of water to maintain life, including:

   [123 ] 1. help digestion

   of the food we eat into the mouth, moist teeth after chewing and saliva, from the esophagus to the stomach, complete digestion and absorption process, which requires the participation of water links . And we need nutrients only fully dissolved in water, it can be absorbed.

   2. nutrient transport

   water sufficiently dissolved nutrients, transported to the cell, in turn metabolites out of the cell, transports water with various bioactive substances, such as hormones, enzymes, platelets, blood cells and the like. Chemical function smoothly after the water metabolism of cells.

   3. The discharge of waste

   Water is a very good solvent and suspending medium, many substances are dissolved or suspended in water, and a new material may be formed by various reactions. Such properties of water can make the bodys metabolic process produces waste and toxins. Excreted in various ways. These drainage methods require the participation of water can be achieved.

   4. Lubricate joints

   Water is the main source of human joints lubricating fluid. Water as the solvent with various molecules to form viscous lubricating fluid which lubricates the joint together. And a viscous liquid lubricating digestive tract and urinary system, and forming a slurry of the lubricating visceral lubricate food during digestion by digestive saliva and other secretions.

   5. Equilibrium temperature

   After the water absorbs heat, its temperature change is relatively small, since the heat capacity of this solution, heat by absorbing water, and generates heat to aid evaporation of sweat release adjusting the temperature of the body, to maintain normal body temperature.

   Maintenance 6 cells.

   Water is an important component of the human structure. It promotes cellMetabolism, involved in the composition of normal shape and maintain the integrity of cell membranes of cells. It also kept the entire organ through its cushioning effect. Maintain body structure also needs its help. And maintain lubrication and elasticity of the skin. And adjusting the volume of the hydration state of the cell plays a key role in maintaining the normal function of cells.

   These are the main physiological function of water, in fact, water is mainly to maintain the bodys water balance, or "thirst." While the number of people drinking and other minerals often mentioned can provide nutrients is very limited, so in a lot of nutrition survey data are ignored nutrient content in drinking water. This is not to deny the benefits of the nutrients contained in drinking water, but only that it can provide the number, the substance in the entire human body nutrient intakes share is extremely small, negligible.

   In summary, it is easy to see, water is the material upon which the human body to maintain basic life activities closely related to our physical health, but because the water is relatively easy to obtain, and peoples ignorance on the water often overlooked his importance.

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