Notice of the convening of thinternational water dustry Asia
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   2018 the first Asian international water industry Summit Forum "casting excellence, innovation and creativity cohesion" as its theme. From government agencies at home and abroad, domestic and international water industry large coffee, straddling the elite teams, etc. were carried out at home and abroad to do water quality and market reports, industry explore technology, clean water and water purification company share interactive favorable national policies in support of agenda of the meeting a series of colorful interpretation, so that Summit a success.

   by the Chinese Association for International Water and air purification Professional Committee decided to convene the World Water Day 2019 second Asian international water industry Summit Forum "Water the United States and China on March 22, 2019 in Xiamen, leading technology, development and innovation "as the theme for companies and dealers take the platform, looking for direction, build cooperation, promote the industry quality change, technological change, changes in marketing, meet a full innovation, vitality, harmony and win-win China water purifier family.

   I. Time:

   21-22 March 2019 (21-day report)

   9 March 22, 2019 Morning: 00-17 : 45

   Second, the meeting place:

   Xiamen international Exhibition Center international Conference hall BRIC

   at the venue: Exhibition Center main stage

   Third, the meeting subject:

   1, the main venue issue:

   A, 2018 summary of the national market sampling, analytical (health surveillance, quality control, consumer association, etc.)

   B, net water purification technology is the key problem analysis and countermeasures

   C, two net interpretation of Chinese industry "CQC", "Uc" preferred dual certification system

   D, the international water industry forward

   [ 123] E, "the sharing of resources, benefits are the same," China international AAAS cross-sector strategic cooperation signing ceremony and launch

   F, cross-industry strategic cooperation, integration of resources, and seek common development

   development G, corporate dialogue, four decades of reform and opening water industry, learn from experience and the development direction of

   2 Breakout topics:

   A, water purifier market collapsed seminar 2019 [123 ]

   B, purification market experience discussion

  C, brands and agencies forum

   3, theme activities:

   A, China International Science and Technology Association of Professional Committee of water and air purification inaugural meeting

   B, China International Technology Association of professional Committee of water and air purification ceremony dealer special committee

   C, the Chinese water industrys first "CQC" "Uc" preferred dual identity excellent corporate quality system certification awarding ceremony

   D, committee members and the Ministry of Promotion Department, Division of Ministers issued letters of appointment

   E, provincial and municipal-level dealers liaison committee awarding ceremony


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