Not -fast food- brand, Tim newater purification Charge 2017
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  Not "fast food" brand, Tim net water purifier Charge 2017 Author: Tim net water purifier joined Views: 487 Date: 2017-3-3 10:12:44 growth over the past few years, the water purification industry speed is extremely vigorous, after experiencing a high growth rate of 50% and gradually smooth, more and more enterprises staring at a piece of cake. This one has some small enterprises in order to make quick money quickly into the industry, but in the face of macroeconomic and fast withdrawal under ideal, the other is the household electrical appliance enterprises face of this cake home appliances pay close attention to the layout. 涓嶅仛鈥滃揩椁愨€濆搧鐗岋紝鎭噣鍑€姘磋搫鍔?017 Such market behavior has led to a relatively large water purifier market characteristics of the industry reshuffle in 2016 in the case of slowdown in the monitored 237 water purifier brand, which disappeared in 2015 compared to 32 brands , while there are 42 brands to enter the market, the brands market turnover ratio is quite high. At the same time as the main brand of continuous construction, industry, the top ten brand market share increased from 80% in 2015 to 83%, industry concentration to further strengthen, we can see, will further intensify competition in the industry. In a highly competitive environment of the industry, the market more brands to look more focus to the reverse osmosis type of product, mainly due to the high filtering accuracy of such products, to ensure water quality. Buy water purification products from research data about the user can verify the user before purchasing water purification products to consider several factors is the effect of water purification, water filtration, water speed. From the line retail monitoring results, in 2016 the share of reverse osmosis type products continue to expand retail market share increased by 8% to reach 81.1%, which accounted for 74.4% pure water, drink straight accounted for 6.4%. In contrast, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and other types of activated carbon products market share continues to shrink. Tim net water, under the face of a highly competitive market environment, Liu Yong Jin launched a new reverse osmosis water purifier, water and other black and integrate technology into reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis water purification net increase in net tim waters competitiveness and look forward to a new 2017.

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