Summers are hot and thirsty three Town villagfarming back ho
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  Summers are hot and thirsty three Town villagers farming back home, able to unscrew the tap is safe to drink Hits: 1735 Date: 2013-08-04

Romans Meilan District three Town Village, the villagers come back at noon busy unscrew tap, then a glass of water to drink directly for us, "city people" surprised. The villagers said that from September last year, they have to drink nearly a year of drinking water, and more than city people have to lead.


Romans slope of the villagers self-confidence comes from a village "water station", which is the well-being of rural drinking water projects implemented by the provincial Science and Technology Department, the use of Hainan liters of water purification Technology Co., Ltd. independent innovation, has the worlds advanced level of liter PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane water purification technology to solve the problem of safe drinking water three Town eggplant south of the village more than 2,500 people, to achieve water quality "drinking water health standards", filtered water drinkable.


In rural Hainan, in 2012 began implementing the "membrane" well-being of rural drinking water projects, the use of membrane technology liters ultrafiltration water plant construction or renovation in the provinces 204 towns village. Within four years, there will be upgraded to 75 towns water ultrafiltration water, no township will build water ultrafiltration pool 129. "35", Hainan rural water quality will meet international health standards, the worlds leading rural drinking water safety demonstration area.


July 28, Haikou National Hi-tech Zone Yunlong Industrial Park, Hainan liters of membrane separation technology industrial base are under construction, the main base for building size previews.


liters person in charge of the project covers an area of 鈥嬧€?35.37 acres, the main project is a research institute, eight new workshops and the corresponding office facilities. Construction project in two phases, one started February 28 this year, plans to be completed in September 2014. Project to build a film workshop mainly put into operation, Liters enterprises will have production capacity of 9 million square meters of high-quality ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membranes of one million square meters, providing 2782 jobs, and become the worlds water treatment membrane separation industry, "Intel."

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