Post-consumer Internet a of small household appliances two-d
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   [water purifier Invest With in-depth Chinas economic development and consumption upgrade progresses, peoples home appliance brand, quality and function are more updated requirements, small appliances and therefore has been rapid development, market great space for development.

   According to statistics, over the past 2018 years, the small household appliance market outstanding, an increase of 39.5%, retail sales crossed the one hundred billion yuan mark for the first time. Various related companies have sprung up to take out, such as intelligent air purifier, cooking, kitchen machine, electric toothbrushes, cordless vacuum cleaners, cleaning robot, and so on.

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   At the same time, however, the industry popular, but Yu does not cover flaws, the small appliance market in the development process also bear a lot of questions, such as quality, category selection. Now, through the normalization of market development characteristics of small household appliances, also gives us great business climate Evolution of a deeper level of understanding.

   2T consumer Internet to the bottom of things derived: the potential of micro scale, popular ecological effects

   Manufacturing heritage is not the only indicator to enter the field of home appliances now, small home appliances market seems to be? we left such an impression.

   capital accumulation industrialization period has been completed, and in the post-industrial age, the model of economic development and business model is facing restructuring. Over the past few years the rapid development of mobile Internet, especially in technology-driven era to become "theme" of today, driven by intelligence, industry, and many other Internet wave, the development of home appliance industry has also ushered in a new change.

   on small appliances, the current industry players can be broadly divided into three categories: home appliances indigenous giant, savage, vertical enterprise.

   home appliance giant indigenous: indigenous forces appliances including Gree, Midea, Supor, flying Branch. The company itself has a powerful home appliance manufacturing skills, mainly in small household appliances staring at yourself the good and the market demand for some of the larger classification.

   Internet "barbarians": on behalf of the enterprise is millet, millet series models smart terminal product category is very large scale expansion through the capital, cross-border and other means. The main advantage of the advantages of the Internet thinking. Just before millet phone does not rely on hardware to obtain major profits, but to obtain a high activity by controlling the hardware, high conversion of mutualNetworking user groups, in the small appliance market is also the same reason.

   perpendicular to the enterprise; dog which is represented by electrical, appliance bear. The former focuses on cleaning appliances research and development, a series of vacuum cleaners, mites and instrument cleaning robot. Which is the main creative development of small household appliances, electricity suppliers are the two main sales channels, the main advantage of vertical, attention will not be too scattered, small appliances can concentrate on doing it.

   difficult to find, the traditional home appliance giant, Internet "barbarians", small appliances vertical businesses, they each have their own advantages, and this is their ticket into the small appliance arena. It seems that we mentioned earlier, "is no longer the only indicator of manufacturing heritage into the field of home appliances?" Has been answered, but it seems our impression before manufacturing is different, it seems in the Internet arena team , determine the root cause of this form of evolution is to change the underlying logic of the entire business.

   Here we might summarize these major changes in the current business operations;

   single project, "meet short-soldiers" between the enterprise and enterprise fewer and fewer, more emphasis the combined effect of ecology. For example, the US Mission to the shop and take-away is the most profitable, but still need business expansion; field of electronic business, "one-stop" Ali and Jingdong, for the United States together, Dangdang and other electric providers vertical "crowding out" is obvious . This is the ecological advantage.

   mass greater than the number of traffic flow, the scene is greater than the flow, retained greater than pull a new era, only people, goods, these three are on the field before an effective deal and transformation, a simple hardware to win, the scale of victory of the times in the past, the future is more emphasis on interoperability in a multi-scene.

   long period of division, each of the mobile Internet is the split mobile application, fragmentation, fragmentation is one of the most important features. But now, each original relatively closed system gradually developed into an open symbiotic system. Thus the recent spread of such a statement: "The traditional industrial stressed organized, and more emphasis on future organizational platform; the future of the enterprise or platform, either platform."

   childhood home appliance industrys own point of view, SKU too much, it is not like air conditioning, TV, washing machine as an absolute need just products, more or consumption-based upgrade the quality of life needed to improve the type of home appliances , winning by a single product scale higher risk.

   Thus, for small appliances, whether it is from a large business environment point of view or consider the industrys own characteristics, scale down the role of the traditional model of getting smaller and smaller, we had to adopt a new business thinking.

   These companies have the layout of small household appliances enterprises First seen on the market heat demand does exist, and second, to see the business value of interconnection between the appliances. Especially before the fiery intelligent routers, intelligent speakers and other small appliances have entrusted with the entrance of the value of smart home this important task, also known as the home of Things is the first scene IoT landing, thus wide net layout with small appliances long-term value investment requirements.

   Unlike family IOT state between the island-like over the respective nodes (load), the majority of companies began staking layout IoT, IoT through the internet, a wide range of small appliances are connected, in order to better hair family force things.

   it is not only involved in manufacturing. Including equipment, personnel and interconnected sensors and communications, user operations, and data collection and information transfer, decision making autonomous decentralized decision-making, multi more technical and operational aspects. Such a complex form of the species, but the ideal form, so far have expertise in a particular aspect, it is equivalent to get tickets incoming small household appliance market.

   Thus, the underlying logic for the development of small household appliance market, it is transformed from the original scale ecological effects, and then play with IoT platform as the core, while the business side is a bilateral network of different terminals effect.

   logical evolution of the industry itself: the moment to see marketing and market in the next fight technology and heritage

   three types of small household appliance market players have their own strengths, but at the same time they also own short board in the industrial logic of evolution is enlarged gradually open, which will affect the small household appliance market, which to some extent.

   the traditional home appliance giant, the manufacturing core technical knowledge and patents advantage is obvious, which is the other two parties player impassable moat. Their thinking path mainly hardware + channels form the line, even when they do the family IOT, but also exposes how much thinking had Internet access as well as short-board user operational aspects of thinking.

   For millet, the gene has the advantage of technology and the Internet thinking. Defects are apparent in the manufacturing sector compared to its heritage and traditional consumer electronics vendors gap.Thus praise on the Internet a lot of millet small appliances, but from time to time there will be relatively high frequency of users Tucao quality. At the same time, millet wide net behavior is quite big controversy. It is based on sales of smart phones as their front-end entrance and sources of funding to support the development and layout of the other new services, but in the mobile phone industry, as a whole has become saturated, the lack of a large wave of replacement sales growth does not fall greater uncertainty.

   As for the dog, Bear, issue some more. The first is with respect to the old appliance business and millet, the two fall Xia Cheng in brand recognition and acceptance degree.

   followed by the electricity supplier model last year, two have submitted a prospectus, but also due to the electricity supplier industry, "scalping" act more attention and ask the SFC. In this patent, electrical prospectus bear main products displayed no corresponding patents. The puppies appliances here is there is a pending two lawsuits involving the company trademark and design patent infringement. Finally, in terms of product quality, exposed on both product quality it is even more frequent.

   different players strengths and weaknesses are significant, they this time their product to some extent can be used MVP (minimum viable product) to describe, but also on the current and the next two stages of the "principal contradiction "gradually enlarged open;

   First, the industry nowadays focus: just need enough marketing to join in the

   in use end, many people know, the main quality of life of small household electrical appliances generally price not low, hundreds of thousands or even million products are everywhere. There may be a very critical issue is the small appliances do not have just to be characteristics, their actual utilization rate is very low. In particular, some use the product itself is very complicated, resulting in the target population is difficult to get started quickly, thus limiting the frequency of use of small appliances.

   Thus, although the track seem hot, but nonetheless it is too much category, type of service is too complicated, you want to extract features and abstract is difficult, and evaluate the quality of service is too subjective, not form one large enough wave. In the Internet arena team it seems, is not enough just to be in the industrys stage, is perhaps the only way to do marketing industry to achieve traffic growth.

   there is a saying: the highest level of marketing is to put the needs of a small minority had become just need to put an otherwise dull eastWest imbuing it with meaning, emotion and even faith. This is actually on the point of such non-small appliances just need to understand the value of marketing products in the early stage of development.

   such as Apple usually everywhere, on Christmas Eve was able to sell high is a typical non-marketing cases just need. In addition. There is also a more representative example is the diamond. First artificial scarcity of diamonds to create hype, and then give it meaning steadfast, so associated with love, and ultimately become a tradition over the world to exchange their wedding ring.

   specifically on small appliances, the amplification effects, sound amplification is normal means of publicity, so that users can clearly feel the experience the value of the product brings. One is in the process of education has been the market, and second, spread their own brand.

   In addition, to small for all polymerization amplified potential group. Public and business sub-niche, value creation can be divided into corresponding universal value and the value of these two geeks.

   The so-called universal values, apply to everyone, definitive solution to a value-user pain points of performance; the value of the so-called geeks, for geeks as the name suggests is the product user, or part of the crowd. For non just need markets, such as small appliances in general, and indeed can not eyebrows beard grabbed on the establishment of the target population, must first meet Geeks value.

   In specific publicity can be divided into two: one is to find a strong demand of customers, the small group of people polymerization amplifying potential; the other is to increase the frequency, to build the scene, repeated wake.

   Two: late feature industry; both the quality and intelligence of both

   starting from the production side, small appliances and more segments, each of the segments of the industry standard has yet to be established and improved. Especially a lot of small household electrical appliances production technology threshold is relatively low, and some products do not even meet the national 3C certification, and then the specific production process, product use in parts assembly process did not come in accordance with the requirements, which also affected the product quality.

   is now in the aftermarket end, many small appliances once a quality problem, maintenance is very troublesome, because they do not have the perfect after-sale service system, which also makes a lot of small household electrical appliances has become disposable supplies , the user experience doing very well, which also makes re-purchase rate of the industry is very low, and user reputation is not good, this is just starting bell for Chinas small household appliance industry is concernedhurt. With the demand for small household appliance market rising, quality and manufacturing heritage behind it is bound to become a key element of enterprise development.

   homogenization, poor word of mouth, so small appliances began to seek a new solution path, and intelligence is that they find the "last straw", the past two years, giving rise to a small get together smart appliance industry phenomenon , sought family IOT this concept.

   difficult to find, whether it is the traditional home appliances business, or so the millet Internet companies are expanding their boundaries, frequently to the other side of the "home base" offensive, industry and the Internet in the past two Internet two factions are entirely different period of time become more and more like.

   In fact, this is the most representative or millet and Gree, because Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu huge bet with a high degree of attention. Thus millet and Gree two companies similar developments have been magnified apart: they do things hardware deployment, and then collect data from the devices own products.

   For now, in addition to the market demand for the product itself, security equipment, data security, stability, the ability of the service itself, these areas need to be further improved, so intelligent, will become the industry enterprise outbreak should have another large quotas.

   vertical small appliances for the players, the technical development of persistent cyclical characteristics obviously, if they do, then put in too much, coupled with the pre-marketing requires a lot of money, how to solve money the problem is key to their future ability to carve up the family IOT dividends.

   Thus, small appliances Ye Hao, Ye Hao family IOT, the required gene is too complicated, but also many of the current players from various quarters to do. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, in the process, they are also changing, restructuring and evolution of their own genes, with each gene might also become increasingly converging with each other.

   single-point breakthrough in the Internet era of consumer end of the era, post-consumer Internet era, the era of things 2T or more genes combined enterprise value.

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