You really can filter filter kettle
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   is the main filter kettle water filtration and purification equipment, but still often people ask filtration filter kettle really do? Xiaobian a look at it.




With the improvement of peoples living standards, the house has a filter kettle basically, we know how to filter kettle routine maintenance it? During use of the filter in the kettle, the kettle must avoid net body near high temperature heat source, such as cooker, etc., because the water purifier housing is a new food grade material, easily damaged by high temperature, can severely reduce the life of the net kettle; while also avoid net kettle from direct sunlight, because clean water jug 鈥嬧€媜f water exposed to sunlight breeding ground for germs, cause harm to human health, while regular filter cleaning kettle, then not only would people really want to ask filter kettle can filter it ?


filter kettle, its working principle is simple: water was poured into the funnel filter kettle, under the influence of natural gravity, water flows slowly through the filter pot. Thus, the key is that the product water treatment filter. According to the description Introduction: which can be filtered through a filter kettle microporous high density impurities out floating in water; water by activated carbon to reduce chlorine and impurities, odor removal; reduce the scale and heavy metal content was determined by ion exchange techniques. Kettle filter cartridge needs to activate the filter twice, and the first two filtered water undrinkable.


The maximum capacity is 3.5 l bottle tests, the maximum capacity of the filter after the addition of water to complete the time of 5 minutes 34 seconds. The specification of the product showed that the filtered water for human consumption, but note, perishable filtered water, it is best used within 24 hours of completion. In addition, the specification also suggests that boiling water is preferably filtered after drinking, especially in immune dysfunction or infant population, should boil drinking.


Almost all shopping sites are selling brand of filter kettle Ms. Shen purchased, and the brand often engage in promotional activities, the price generally concentrated between 200-400 yuan, by renting family, office workers, students, families with infants and young children is widely favored by consumers.


The above is whether the filter kettle Xiaobian to introduce the relevant content can filter the water, if you feel these presentations is not comprehensive enough, want to know more families drinking little knowledge, please continue to focus on Internet cafes.




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