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   The current status of drinking water purifier in the country to promote fast, but the price of some expensive, so a lot of people off. But this can not be the reason to stop water purifier popular in the future, water purifiers will become one of the essential appliances.


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   First, the water purifier is essential reason

   Here, give you some reasons to make you believe in the future of water purifier is essential household products:

   1, in the increasingly serious water pollution today, household purifier To promote a high quality of public health drinking life;

   2, low-carbon economy of savings, health is a necessary condition of todays drinking water;

   3, frequent outbreaks of water pollution around the world, freshwater resources are becoming scarce, when a low-carbon, environmental protection has become the focus of world attention, water purifiers that environmentally friendly products has been more than a decade of history in the country, is also increasingly being people understand and accept;

   4, waterworks because of relatively backward equipment and technology, rely on the original coagulation, sedimentation, straining, the conventional treatment process of chlorination not meet the requirements;

   [ 123] 5, to improve the quality of life, increased requirements for drinking water residents. Further deep purification of drinking water requirement, to meet health and safety, hygiene and for the purpose of improving the taste;

   6, water hazardous substances (e.g., impurities and bacteria, radioactive substances and fluorescent substances) of harm to the body, particularly for young people and women skin had a tremendous impact;

   7, is closely related to the quality of peoples lives and health of drinking water quality.

   Second, the future will replace drinking water purifier

   do not know if you have not noticed such a phenomenon: everyday life, use a water filter than people who use drinking fountains a lot more than before. And be sure that the future will replace drinking water purifier. Compared dispenser and water purifier, has the following advantages:

   1, water purification equipment belonging deep, shallow water dispenser sterilization appliance belongs. Dispenser includes a sterilization function only, while the water purifier having a filter heterochromatic odor, bacterial debris, rust and other particlesA variety of filtration means, is more radical purification tools.

   2, water purifier mounted directly on the water pipe, without adding water tub transducer, storage-type dispenser apparatus belongs quantitative, need to stop adding water, for bucket, inconvenient to use.

   3, water purifier filter water is fresh water, i.e. made ready to drink. The drinking water to a boil, then save up, easy to produce thousands of boiling water, water quality known as stagnant water, so unsanitary health.

   In both opportunities and challenges of the environment, the domestic water purifier market is not the lack of water purification products, but the lack of particularly good quality high-end water purification products, so, excellent product quality in order to be recognized by consumers in order to capture the market. Good and bad fish in the water purifier business, resulting in thousands of consumer brands at home, can not easily make their own purchasing decisions.

   However, with the introduction of the new national standard, the water purification industry will become increasingly standardized, factory in order to survive, we must ensure quality; and consumers in order not to be deceived, it is necessary in this area and more reserves water purification knowledge in future in order for the family to buy a water purifier, buy value for money products.

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