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  The way to work, sitting in the bus in the car looking out the window of the scenery, a pair of grandfather grandmother helped each other to attract my attention, lift the handset of the moment, the picture of the grandfather grandmother whispered the album will be fixed in my phone a. And soon left the car, looked back, and that more and more away old couple, looking at the phones screen, a sense of moving my heart, I watched, as much feel a little sad. 鍑€姘村櫒 瀹堟姢鐖舵瘝鐨勭埍鎯? width=

   would like to have a heart, without isolation from scratch. This is our hope and pray for love, but how many people order Doo five meters off the waist, choose life, to give up love. So, I was very envious of those each other, hand in a lifetime love. Like our parents, youth struggle together, suffered enough in hand with old age, Hanyinongsun, fun in their later years.

   a child, my parents always best for us, the big summer buy a watermelon, watching you eat with relish, they can not stop laughing, you gave them to eat watermelon, they will tell you, "mom and Dad do not like it, you eat"; stewed chicken over a section, you eat meat, soup mom and Dad, you give them to eat meat, they would say, "mom and Dad like soup, do not like to eat meat." ...... it is often said that parents lie, but we have full faith of a child, and grew up after that, only to find a good condition, not the parents do not like it, but mom and Dad are the best He has given us.

   us in the eyes of parents, children always. Even if we had married and go back every time, Mom and Dad will get together a table of food, you desperately to take their food, they kept hold anything against you thin, tell you to eat more; a family meal together to chat, you persuade them to relax a bit , enjoy life a lot, theyll tell you to take care of myself, do not always busy at work, but also as a grandmother or grandfather grandparents to raise the children for you, for grandson, granddaughter or grandson, granddaughter said, "mom and Dad go to work very hard , you have to listen ...... "usually on the phone with them, were always going to nag you to rest, remember the time to eat, you are too busy to go back to see them, they feel bad at the same time you will say "good busy spot, not too tired, come back next time."

   In this way, we are busy with the "excuse" rarely go home to visit them. In their old age, the companionship the most, only the other side, the other side of the body appear once inconvenience blow to the other often fatal.

   usThe living environment, water quality is getting worse, more and more serious water pollution, according to the latest data show that China has nearly half of the water resources of rivers and lakes has been severely polluted, even once a "cancer village"! Authorities the water quality of 118 cities carry out random testing, found that nearly 60 percent of urban groundwater have been polluted, nearly 30% of groundwater was contaminated! water pollution really can be "shocking" to describe it in this case , how can we do it? What should be to safeguard the health of parents, the guardian of their love?


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   for parents to install a water filter it, to improve their drinking water quality, improve their physical fitness, to maintain their health. After all, water is the source of life, the water body is updated every 5 to 13 days, if the proportion accounted for 70% of the body of water is clean, then the bodys cells will have a healthy and clean environment.

   There are many reasons leading to sick parents, some factors are beyond our control and more can not do anything, but in terms of drinking water, as long as we install a water purifier for them, they can protect their drinking water health even if we can not stay with their parents, but water purifiers, we can represent our filial piety, accompanied by their parents every day.

   parents for their children a lot of trouble, older, what we need to care about. For parents to install a water filter it, in order to guard the parents of healthy drinking water, guardian parents love to accompany each other, it opens the door to finish lifes long road.

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