Reverse osmosis water purifi how the pipconnection
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   then how reverse osmosis water purifier pipe it? First you have to know how to install it.




Speaking home reverse osmosis water purification tube how contact problems, different household water purification installation methods are not exactly the same, but the installation of household water purifiers generally have elapsed several similar steps, described in detail below reverse osmosis home water purifier installation method, which you will know the answer to that question.


Household water purification installation fitting


Before installation, check whether the complete accessories, household water purification check all tubing, fittings, faucets and other accessories wading is complete, will require field assembly after opening the package assembled product. Some home water purifier need to install special faucet, such as pure water, straight drink machine, water purifier and the water softener is not required. Net faucets use gooseneck faucet usually installed in the kitchen countertop conditioning, to punch installation.


Household water purification installation host


When the installation pure water, reverse osmosis membrane are opened two black "O" ring is inserted into one end of the tube a reverse osmosis membrane until it feels Until inserted in the end, the end cap and then tighten the reverse osmosis membrane. RO membrane tube was then removed and the inlet tube placed in a PE container, turn on the water and power, so that the three channel pre-processing filter casing filled with water, so that the black and the early drainage outflow. Black water to be exhausted before the power off, and then the removed reverse osmosis membrane inlet tube Replace PE pipe.


connected to three-way inlet


Host household water purifiers are installed, the next connected water three links. Tap off the main switch, the threaded inlet ball with Teflon tape wound several times, and then the three-way inlet side hole and connected directly to PE pipe ball valve outlet.


4 connected to inlet, outlet, outfall


cut from a good amount of PE pipe, tee connecting the water inlet connected to a home water purifier after PE pipe. PE pipe connected to the inlet of the host, one machine and the inlet water box of the machine is located outside the machine. PE pipe which is connected to the post carbon Here, there is a water outlet. When connecting outfall pipe to the point where, once a month, once the opening 10 minutes to.


5 flushing debugging


turn on the switch, turn on the water 20 minutes to wash, there will be some black water will come out, this is normal, this is a small number of carbon powder, days before the first not to drink the water, put a few water, water quality will be more stable you can drink straight up.


These are the water purifier knowledge introduction, after reading, you should know it. In fact, under normal circumstances, the water is still relatively clean and healthy, so do not be home water purifier it is necessary to install the tangled issue. It is important to have some more knowledge of small household drinking water, will not live without water trapped.




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