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  Water, air, soil prevention and control work long way to go Author: water purification agents Views: 675 Published: 2016-3-12 11:31:10 Yesterday, the Second Minister of Environmental Protection environment minister, "Chinas most stressful man" Chen Jining the National Peoples Congress attended the press conference held. Like last years press conference, the focus of most of the problem is still "haze." About such a heavy issue "haze", Chen Jining select data used to speak, from the good days, days of heavy pollution, PM2.5 concentrations throughout the year, we can expect to see changes. For example, last (country) 74 cities PM2.5骞村潎娴撳害涓?55 micrograms / cubic meter, down 14.1 percent year on year. Why "haze" or frequently visit Beijing and other places? Chen Jining replied: At present, China continues to promote the haze of governance, because of the limited capacity of the environment, major pollutants of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other emissions are still about 1800 to 19,000,000 tons, is still "people work hard, day help "in order to see the stages of the blue sky. Theory at present by many atmospheric environment affect the natural boundary conditions such as wind speed, humidity, rainfall, sometimes it is a good standard, will sometimes heavy. 2016, is still in environmental law enforcement, encourage enterprises to become the norm compliance work, for some time the most important work still to do, "the atmosphere, water and soil," the prevention and control work. (Water purification agent)

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