Water purifier brand new retail can also be used to express
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   New retail, that rely on the network, by use of new technologies and applications of artificial intelligence methods, the retail model fused open stream online and offline. The new retail wind burst of reform, after blowing, the major industries are all trying to change the marketing model, to follow suit. Water purification industry is no exception, from October this year, water purifier brands began to try and explore new models. Internet + water purification appliances to build what is a retail model? In order to facilitate understanding, we use three formulas to interpret.


   Formula a: = + line Internet online and water purifier +

   Currently, many companies to accelerate the water purifier layout line store experience, using + network platform, the store mode, open up the online and offline, on the road to integration of online and offline depth, so that gradually the new retail floor. In particular, from September this year, many companies began to strengthen ties of water purification store experience in network construction and channel line, these actions indicates that the water industry has kicked off the new retail.

   Formula Two, logistics + Internet + = water purifier water purifier new home appliances retail

   dawn of a new era of clean water appliances retail, logistics requirements are increasing. According to insiders, the furniture products are non-standardized products, higher logistics service requirements, more sophisticated, more professional, while also considering the installation, maintenance and other after-sales capabilities, traditional logistics is a major test. Only truly combine online and offline logistics, in order to bring more revenue for the company.

   Formula III + new technology = intelligent attractive

   gradually moved into a new retail outlet in the water industry, the Internet, virtual technology, artificial intelligence, some of the stores and water purifiers companies are beginning to introduce new technology, smart water purification products, so that the new technology enabling new retail, shortening the distance the water purifier brands and consumers, and strive to improve and meet new consumer demand. With 80, 90 consumer become mainstream consumer groups for their consumption needs and preferences, more and more water purification company also noted the use of new technology and intelligent content of water purification products to attract younger consumers.

   Finally, although the small series does not say by three new retail formula we will be able to resolve a thorough, but through these three formulas, hope that we can better understand the new retail. Because the current situation, retail has become a new water purificationAn industry trend, then read the new retail, followed by "the hand on the shot," the.

   (Source: Chinese water purifier network)

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