Reconstruction of water industry end in net with jot HunaChe

   innovative products and technology is the first to lead the business development of power, only innovation can seize the initiative in the fierce competition to gain the initiative, and always maintain vitality in the new technology, the wave of new products constantly upgraded. In the Internet age, innovative Internet technology + products will provide new productivity is activated structural conditions.

   2018 AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition was held in the National Exhibition Center. Shanghai Water Show as the worlds most influential largest professional water treatment exhibition, which shows the scale of 220,000 square meters, more than 3,400 exhibitors participated and comprehensive display of the worlds leading products, technologies and solutions in building strong At the same time knowledge exchange platform, has become synonymous with high-quality professional successful water show, is a global leader in the industry regarded as the preferred platform for the new release of the water industry. Zhuhai net with environmental technology company United Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Chinese strategic cooperative extension was carried out at this site and new product launches.

   innovation is the core of enterprise development, extension, general manager of Hunan Chinese Chuxing Chen said the conference, jointly launched a major net with three products:

   First, the water network operations the system

   water for professional networking operating system is the operating system of things in the water sector, divided into four parts:

   operating system

   water network core distributed network operation system, can carry vast amounts of equipment connected to the consumer connection, networking platform to connect and open programming model, enabling development of consumer software and operating software scene. The operating system may directly develop WAPP (WaterAPP) of

   Network Chip

   The water sensor network chip defines all water associated with the controller and the service requirements, the network chip without water programming and service capabilities to provide connectivity to any water-related equipment.

   Consumer software

   Consumers can consume any water equipment suppliers by the APP, micro-channel public number, micro-channel applet, IC cards, bracelet, brush face, and other types of mobile terminals .

   Scene operators

   for the water scenes, enabling cloud software services WAPP, such as household water purification lease, the campus clean water BOT, catering clean water management and other specialized needlesScene for water operations developed cloud management software and services,

   water network core elements:


   created a device connected to the people, who include consumers, producers and operators. While achieving a connection between man and services.


   traditional service scene has undergone a fundamental change in behavior by connecting with, provide services and the main modes shifted. The whole industry chain is redefined


   sensor data of the device through the use of consumer data, creating a mass of equipment and human behavior of the network

   Second, water networking chip

   the biggest advantage is the water networking chips help companies achieve water purification networking the whole scene. Whether household equipment, commercial equipment, or that campus facilities, the chip can be achieved through its business model: such as leasing, sharing, BOT and other campus, while also helping manufacturers to achieve rapid solutions to things.

   three, AI Water Spirit

   AI Water Spirit look beautiful, by the cloud of artificial intelligence, rapid help traditional water purification equipment direct networking, and to achieve predict the flow, water quality, cartridge with monitoring. This product not only manufacturers, dealers can purchase, consumers can purchase independently.


   all types of networked devices water, clean water, hot water, laundry facilities, plug and play, no need to change existing products

   Functional Description [123 ]

   the flow rate, water quality, state analysis, remote management, user behavior and illustration, clogging of the membrane or filter life

   Drive brain

   large data analysis, artificial intelligence algorithms support, user behavior and prediction device status.


Mr. Xu Meng

   net United chairman, said the conference site in addition to the joint Hunan Chinese Billiton released water network operating system, also introduced the industrys first water purification net water vertical B2B business platform.

   He said that this platform for the majority of sales agents looking for better supply, product and interface directly with the manufacturers, but also for the majority of manufacturers looking for one-stop direct the terminal channels.

   Today singleManufacturers have been unable to meet all the needs of channel partners in the development of local markets, while clean water vertical B2B business platform can help dealers quickly into the industry, you want to quickly lock brands and products; and for the manufacturers, too, if the blind investment, not only a waste time and a waste of manpower and cost, and through the platform, it can go through the background data analysis, companies want to quickly find channels and distributors.

   Moreover, the platform by Rio Han Things monitoring and management system for equipment, interactive resource companies, manufacturers reduce transaction costs and help save the majority of dealers to join the brand investment, saving on-site after-sales maintenance costs, as the majority of dealers to save operational costs.

   Mr. Xu Meng firmly believe that through the strategic cooperation with the Chinese Tinto, through management and monitoring of the Internet of Things equipment, through B2B integration platform vendor resources to build industry alliances trading platform, we can promote the orderly purification industry the healthy development.


   industry development trend of reconstruction

   In recent years, although the water industry is still in a state of steady growth, but the elongation of the situation there has been narrowed. Mr. Chuxing Chen said the Chinese Billiton since 2015 to enter the water industry and developed the first smart panel to start leasing water purification, has been leading the development of the entire water purification leasing industry, he believes that the future pattern of the water industry inevitable change.

   First, the distribution network reconfiguration

   From the data perspective, the traditional post asymmetric information model, data-less mode will exit the stage of history, things developed into user-demand consumption mode. The next three to five years, according to data operations more services will appear artificial intelligence products, by operators of value-added data services to generate greater value, at this time, we will find that the whole industry chain structures the reconstruction, in fact, the water industry has been at the start of fission.

   such as the Han Billiton released with net associated with B2B platforms, it is actually to solve the traditional dealer network reconfiguration. Traditional dealer is hard work, they need to bear the cost of a lot of difference, but in the future, they can be factory-direct supply products through the platform, greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce distribution costs.

   Second, consumption patterns reconstruction

   in the water purification industry, consumption patterns is the original purchase of equipment, now, there have been a lot of change according to traffic by time billing of rentLease mode, and the future of consumer patterns may be free to use the device. These consumption patterns are due to things, the introduction of the occurrence of very large changes in the mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, etc.

   Third, the future reconstructed data ownership

   original data ownership or attributed to the manufacturer, distributor, or attributed to, or attributed to the intermediate links, however, by the next block chain technology, be reduced the industrys dependence on intermediate links, namely decentralized process, this way, consumers will have its own independent data ownership. More than one independent data, data is bound to a large number of companies to help consumers to become his data value. So, consumers can not only enjoy the health service, he will enjoy the benefits of economic growth and the digital age.

   Therefore, the future of the water industry, is an inevitable trend in the development of the Internet of Things, enterprises should spoils, things have to dig deeper business model can bring profound changes.

   (Source: HC purification network)

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