Water purifier how the market from 5% to 100%

   China Building Materials News: Guren Jiang, food to the water for the first! But the Chinese water quality is not optimistic, either rivers or lakes and underground water sources have been polluted to varying degrees, and after the water plant filtration, and then the old water pipe network delivered to the consumers home and facing secondary pollution through. We can say that China every family need a water purifier, is only a matter of time.

   knowledge and ideas leading to the water purifier market slowdown

   National Bureau of Statistics data show that: national water purification products market coverage statistics, only 5% of our market coverage, and South Korea is a high 95% market coverage. From 5% to 95%, contains a huge business opportunity, we can say that the future is a water purifier can develop into hundreds of billions or even trillions of industry.


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   We see the figure, the Chinese market more than 95% of people do not buy a water purifier, the penetration rate is so low, but why it started to slow down in the overall market ?

   In fact, the reason is very simple, it is cognitive problems and ideas. The naked eye can not see, I felt did not matter, as long as the drinking water is not a stomach ache, boil the water to be safe, and so some misconceptions rooted in everyday life, it is difficult to change. So as a brand challenges currently facing is to change the habit of drinking water, although the water purifier target consumers are many, but our resources are limited with energy. Therefore, we must focus precision consumers.

   decoration type of user is a water purifier accurate customer base

   Who is that our precision consumers? As a water purifier mounted products, require water, electricity, needs to reserve the appropriate position. Therefore, in my opinion, home decoration category of users is a water purifier accurate customer base. After finding accurate customer base, it should be in-depth study of these customer groups during the renovation of the whole process is kind of how we conduct precise penetration in each node in the process, the turnover rate has risen considerably.

   First submitted acceptance phase. At this stage, after the owners get the key, you can check houses home, for home improvements carried out a general design. At this stage, as a business can do is dig customers. A good business manager is reflected, which is to be master of a turnkey real estate, which began renovation door which households, so thisWhen business managers should do is gather as owner information, send text messages to business, marketing micro letter or telephone contact area residential property to carry out promotion.

   is then decoration design stage. Including two cases.

   An all-inclusive mode refers to labor and materials, i.e., materials procurement and construction by all responsible for the construction. Usually busy, or did not understand the decoration of consumer groups prefer this mode of decoration companies rely on and trust is relatively high. Then there is only one way is early intervention to customer decoration companies, designers and decoration companies referral guide. By training industry and products to designers, product designers know that the use of performance characteristics and the need for water purifiers and water purifiers to be able to really convince when they introduce to customers, rather than simply blunt recommendation to avoid for designers themselves, to our enterprise product to leave a bad impression. In fact, a good designer is supporting the need for such training products, and also because he wanted to design a customer satisfaction comfortable house.

   Another case is a semi packet mode. It refers to the party responsible for the procurement of construction materials and construction, and the supporting class appliances (such as water purifiers, water heaters or heating equipment like), tiles, floors, sanitary ware and other main material procurement by the owners themselves. The general level of decoration design and personalization are higher, there is a certain economic strength of the consumer. Such people will have the following nodes.

   water reform stage. In fact, this node is very important, and this time plumber if prompted owners, not to reserve water purifier position, you do not set aside the socket position in the cabinet above or below. If we take advantage of the water purifier recommended to the owners, the chances of turnover is very high, even if the owners do not consider water purification equipment, will listen to the views of plumbers, rainy day, placeholder and sockets, it will also for the future link penetration leaving space can operate.

   Optional stage. In fact, from the beginning to the end of the renovation, there have been purchase behavior, just as the progress of the renovation will place emphasis on different sales, purchase the appropriate product. Early will focus on building materials channel, followed by home stores, and finally the home appliance stores. Whether these are the main building materials, or furniture, or household appliances stores also, the most effective means is to intercept the terminal, such as making a substantial print ads or video ads in public spaces inside and outside of stores, sellingThere is a full-time field or in the shopping guide, you can also store promotional activities inside and outside the organization, drive sales.

   precision marketing

   In the process of precision marketing, the first change is permeating from the original single-channel mode to all channels during the whole channel penetration, enhance brand influence.

   in the whole channel strategy, the active marketing is the core. As stationed building materials stores, with more than 500 real estate companies nationwide partnership, in-depth cooperation with the Internet and custom home decoration, personalization and won the recognition and favor the younger generation, are the Angel must do and are doing in the precision marketing process thing. Sales in the secondary customer service process, including cartridge sales, membership sales are also actively marketing the key points.

   In addition to cooperate with appliance stores, electronic business platform, can better meet the various consumer groups.

   select the channels at the same precise, accurate but also by penetration channels, the channels meet precise layout, such as building materials more suitable for the channel based delivery package, and is suitable for electronic business platform into a single product form, between the appliances channels therebetween, i.e., a single product package + form. In my opinion, the definition of high-end consumers, and not you have a lot of money because people before life, there is no distinction or distinction, buying a favorite products, as long as the products meet consumer demand that is the heart can.

   A6 terminal experience marketing system precision marketing escort

   to achieve precision marketing requires a complete set of end-user experience marketing process, the participation of customers, stores, products, case, service evaluation after these six areas, around the "experience" to marketing efforts, how its core target is to get customers into the store business experience to enter the store experience, we have to give the consumer space episodic experiential. In this space, so that customers understand the product, the product experience, explained the advantages of water purification products to customers, collect and evaluate the importance of consumers in order to stimulate and influence other consumers.

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