Water purification industry standards are not comprehensive

  August 1 this year, "household and similar treatment of drinking water in the core" and "household and similar use drinking water treatment devices," the two new national standards for water purification appliances formally implemented, November 1, there are six standards and water purifier related industries. Frequently published industry standards, but still not comprehensive enough, to further regulate the water purifier market, the Shenzhen water industry intends to develop local standards. 鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟鏍囧噯涓嶅叏闈?娣卞湷灏嗗嚭鍙板湴鏂规爣鍑? /><p style= water purifier industry standards are not comprehensive in Shenzhen will introduce local standards (picture from the network)

   Shenzhen water purifier three percent share of the countrys total

   "the rapid development of water purifier behind also revealed a number of market chaos, this is because the entire industry standards is not comprehensive enough. "According to Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Water purifier industry Association Wang Feng said that the current water purifier has gradually become a household standard, the past two years the introduction of the industry Some industry standard, but not comprehensive enough. Future, Shenzhen water industry intends to develop local standards.

   Wang Feng said that the current water purification products Shenzhen occupies about 30% market share. In recent years, the domestic water purifier mandatory testing standards is not comprehensive enough, the prevalence of good and bad quality water purifier, purifying effect of poor problem, some companies are more exaggerated purification, deceive consumers, causing some confidence crisis.

   According to Wang Feng introduced over the years, water purifier market is growing rapidly, products accounted for the Pearl River Delta region of about 60% to 70% market share. Therefore, attention has also been a multi-party, including national attention and the corporate sector. Next, the water purification industry in Shenzhen City Association will promote the development of local standards. At present, Shanghai and other cities have been the first to develop local standards, Shenzhen will also be introduced shortly after the own local standards, thus more optimal specifications for the entire market.

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