At first glance the title, you might be more surprised, what, a new species? Yes, indeed pipeline machine in mainland China exclusive rise of new species! Here to give you one by one! The first thing you have to know, or pipe machine called pipeline water dispenser water purifier industry as a sub-sub-categories, in recent years, becoming the water purification industry powerhouse, has a great relationship with the Chinese peoples drinking habits.



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   Europe and other developed countries, people drink better water quality water at room temperature mostly

   after like Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, after a century of industrial economic development, has entered the era of industrialization, water source protection better, and tap water (no running water in the Western concept of the West as Sheung Shui) pipeline network most of the city water supply is also a whole deep purification, and also what we call the municipal building and the quality of water supply. So, the home terminal in Western countries often can drink water directly against the faucet, then bad on the faucet and then attach a simple tap-type media filters and filter on the line, nothing more than this simple adsorption water purifier chlorine and odor. Like the scene we often can see a lot of foreign TV drama.

   In fact, residents of Europe and America developed countries, in addition to the need to make coffee hot water, mostly like to drink water at room temperature and ice water, even in the cold of winter, not many like to drink hot water, cold water is the main way of drinking water. Therefore, like 3M, Pentair, GE and other US and Nordic water purifier brand, it is based on a composite filter as one of the microfiltration type water purifier products to meet the drinking water needs of the people in these countries. And like Japans Mitsubishi Rayon Co., east Li Binuo other places simple media filter main reason is that here, on high-quality re-Sheung Shui simple adsorption on the line.

   Korean water purifier to purify and combined heating and cooling drink straight led

   look at the drinking water situation in Korea, the Korean water purifier use with the Chinese mainland market has a relatively large similarity, that is RO reverse osmosis water purification machines dominate the market. China and South Korea but the difference was the use of water purifier is also very obvious. In Korea, whether resident or family street shops, restaurants, like to use a combination of both heating and cooling functions in one of the vertical straight drink machine, which we usually refer Vertical straight drink machine,Or desktop drink straight.

   Koreas water purifier spending habits, you may have to eat with seafood and ice and other habits of a certain relationship, the Korean people like drinking ice water, and even a lot of people like to add ice, so ice with function the water purifier has a great market, relatively little water to drink. So you see Woongjin, clear lake, water purifier brands such as Samsung, basically sell or lease the main vertical straight drink machine, water purifier host of small business alone.

   Pipeline machine is unique category Chinese market, driven by the five reasons

   In fact Korea is very popular drink straight, clean water equal to the host machine and integrated into the pipeline together. However, the mainland Chinese market, vertical straight drink each company also have, but in terms of overall sales volume is very general, but rather a way to split water purification host + line machine combination is more common, and even a water purifier host with a plurality of line machines, combined into a common X + is a drinking solution, or a wall-mounted machine line pipe machine or machine is a vertical line. This is the situation different factors, if the copy might not find north.

   water purification industry, pipeline machines in China is such that extends out of the new species, form a perfect match partner, or partner with a water purifier host gold, the Chinese market is completely original.

   The first big reason is the core reason is that Chinese people like to drink boiled water (hot water), and the like tea, as Southerners and sat down on the first bubble tea kung fu, kung fu even drink tea, too will give you a good cup of green tea or black tea, it is necessary to boil the water brewing, which is the internal reality of demand.

   the second leading cause, without discharging concentrated water pipeline machine, easy installation, or if, as Korea and Taiwan, as mounted directly drink straight vertical, is more than a concentrated water discharge pipe, the installation cumbersome and unsightly. Just the rise of China water purifier industry relatively late, most of the water purifier and install machines are still in the pipeline after the house renovation completed and then buy, so the reverse osmosis water purifier installed in the kitchen or house water purification filters at the same time through the sewers concentrated water discharge away, while the pipeline installed in the living room or office scriptorium, is a good solution.

   the third leading cause, the Chinese people a good face, install water purifiers host, simply put it under a cupboard, no one can see, and if the wall-mounted or vertical pipeline pipeline machine installed in a restaurant, living roomAnd other places, it seems more than a Van Son!

   fourth leading cause of the Chinese people lazy, too mention the bottle of water and then boil trouble, so pipe machine to meet the needs of consumers plan to provincial thing .

   the fifth leading cause, is the result of manufacturers to promote education. Installed a water purifier host is a price, plus a pipeline machine is called a price or a combination package price, relatively speaking, to further enhance profits, and there will be a driving force for the channel. So, pipeline machine in the rise of the Chinese market, is the result of superposition of objective and subjective reasons, is the result of market choices.

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