Sorry for the victims! Is lost tohose who pray! Safdrinking

   "It BEIJING, December 15 electric Gong County, Sichuan Yibin, Sichuan Gong County fir tree coal mine" 12 鈥?14 "flooding accident scene held a second news briefing 15 pm. Security authorities are seizing the rescue "golden 72 hours", go all out to rescue trapped people. Reporters from the briefing was informed that, as of the day of 17, confirmed that the accident has caused four people were killed and 14 people lost contact, the underground water level was 445 millimeters per hour to rise. drainage and rescue lost contact person is still the most important rescue mission. "

   after the accident, Han Yue water purification company also continued to focus on security issues related to lost contact person, drinking water, etc. . As we all know, water is the source of life, water is caused by a variety of incurable diseases; as well as bacteria, virus, plague infection source. Coal mine flooding accident occurred, it is bound to penetrate into local water pollution, livestock, trees, species and ecology, safety of peoples daily drinking water quality will certainly be affected. At the same time

   Han Yue water purification company committed to improving not only the spirit of the national drinking water health, but also more blessing lost to the underground 14 people can return home safely. Not only is your family does not desire to think the worst, people do not desire to think the worst. Local residents get drinking more attention to "preventive measures", in particular, must not drink unboiled water, to wait for more time to be purified down (try not to drink unboiled water). This is not something out of nothing, because water quality has been affected by coal mining metals, chemicals and other substances, in addition to the breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, whether good physical condition and poor people do not drink!

   Fortunately, the relevant departments and rescue workers have identified 14 people lost contact position, transport personnel and relief supplies have to go down to follow up, with multiple cars on fire, medical, police and rescue vehicles He stops next to the scene on standby. Todays news is that there are people lost contact, I hope, lost to believe people can survive the storm, safe return, to see more warm sunshine!

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