Reverse osmosis water purification installion method


   Many people are unaware of reverse osmosis water purifier installation method, it has been using it. 2020-06-04 small series to introduce.




for a water purifier that everyone is familiar with it, but now because of market demand and the development of technology there has been a reverse osmosis water purifier. Reverse osmosis water purifier is currently very popular with everyone welcome, but in buying the reverse osmosis water purification machines we do not know how to install.


The reverse osmosis water purification installation - to assemble the machine


1 filter apparatus, the order from right to left as PP cotton, granular activated carbon, PP cotton. PP cotton installation without direction, granular activated carbon with an end corresponding to the nose pad directions. While the pads away, and the shrink film is removed. Check the sealing surface, bad, or absence of the seal ring is too large defects, painted some Vaseline seal, tightened with a wrench.


2. install the RO membrane, RO membrane direction, with two small ring inward end, pushed by hand in the end (to wipe a little Vaseline), can not be used inside the top cover or hit. Check the sealing surface, presence or absence of a large defect ring, seals the housing cover film must be placed on the housing, and coated with a little petroleum jelly hand tight, vaseline for lubrication and sealing action.


3. Check the purified water inlet and install them backwards, then the purified water outlet of the check valve.


The reverse osmosis water purification installation - and three-way ball valve mounted inlet


confirm and close the main valve closed, (not open tap water). Pay attention to the old pipe are easily damaged, to remind users to find an experienced person or the property sector assistance. The faucets are removed, and the three-way ball valve installed on the water, carefully wrapping strip, then the faucet installed. After confirmation watertight installation, choose a reasonable installation location, away from the water, as the power supply, the drain into a number, mount, and can be placed in the cabinet.


The reverse osmosis water purification installation - mounting gooseneck faucet


select the appropriate position of the water, with uniform drill hole, a pore size of 11 mm, directly mounted faucet. Fixing hanging sheet (hereinafter tubing leaving a margin of more than 10 cm distance). Faucet installation, the trim Shanghao firmly secured.


The reverse osmosis water purification installation - mounting machine


First check packaging installation identification reverse osmosis water, is the same type of demand side: Check the sales invoice or hairWhether the ticket purchasers name and phone unanimously, packaging requirements do no flaws, no damage; identification requirements, customer requirements consistent with the model, followed by split open after the package check box, box, warranty card, manual and certification whether complete, whether the defect.


through these presentations, I believe you will be able to grasp the selected method of reverse osmosis water purifier installed. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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