Red water hazards


   water aglow much harm, Xiao Bian also a few sites recently found that some friends made things, say their own water redness, which is exactly what caused it? The following small series to introduce the next.


water aglow is a great harm, first of all say that tap water is the main water we drink every day, once the water is contaminated, it can be said that a person or an entire community is likely to be the case, leading to this situation the main reason is water, rust. Since then soaked in water after long-term aging pipes, it can lead to corrosion of the pipe, and finally turns red, then how drinking water was safe? Is not required to buy a home water purifier would be better point?


In general:


muddy water quality, yellow, red There are several possible reasons,


a, to the users home galvanized piping used for many years due to secondary pollution or water quality problems caused by pipe corrosion and the formation of this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the morning. At this point to find a professional company to replace the water pipes can be;


Second, the use of secondary water supply facilities, water users, because the property unit Failing to regularly clean brush, disinfect pools and water tanks, likely to cause secondary pollution of tap water . At this point in time clean tanks, water tanks;


Third, due to sudden accidents squib supply pipes on a road caused by force majeure, into the sediment in the repair process may cause local, short muddy water phenomenon. To return to normal after the case of this situation put the net muddy water.


Fourth, the quality of the white water is dissolved gas, the pressure decomposed into tiny bubbles, appears milky white water, to be still for several minutes, the bubbles will go away, the water clean, this phenomenon does not affect water quality.


turbid water treatment method:


1-precipitation method: If a large water sediment concentration, precipitation methods may be employed, then the water was allowed to stand after a complete precipitation of impurities will be consumed;


drainage method 2: If the system since the water pipe leading to adjust the pressure changes, may be out of scale, which is a short time, a temporary, rather than continuous, turn on the water treatment can be performed at home, in the tube net peripheral areas of time may again turn on the water longer.


These are the small series of related presentations, we hope to help more small household drinking water knowledge to make in this site.




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