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  Morning must drink water, because at night the organ retention of the material needs of our stomach emptying it down. So, drink cold water it? Warm water or drink it? It must be good to talk about!



   in the morning have to drink water, because at night the organ retention of the material needs of our stomach emptying it down. So, drink cold water it? Warm water or drink it? It must be good to talk about!

   The first morning saliva determinants of health

   early morning drink warm water or cold water? Drink or not to drink? Those directly related to the human body every day or even longer health.




   morning without water

   in the morning without water metabolism in the body loss of water at night are not added, the whole day dry skin, the long prone to calculus, increased blood viscosity, blood clots occur.

   morning to drink water

   supplement cell moisture, promote blood metabolism, blood thinning, avoid constipation and maintain the body of water in the morning, skin moisture and, for a long time there is conducive to good health, reduce the production of disease.

   early morning drink warm water

   stomach cramps warm water from the efficacy of the human body in the water temperature, can play fend off the cold and stomach, promote metabolism, clean the mouth, gums, maintenance, slow down and other functions.

   Early morning drink cold water

   morning cold water can promote defecation, stimulation of the brain play a refreshing effect, but also to supplement water and dilute the blood cells and the like.




   morning to drink cold water influence on organs

   01, damage to the gastrointestinal tract

   cold water water temperature and room temperature is consistent, has been able to promote human bowel movement because of cold stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract will accelerate intestinal peristalsis, appear intended.

   However, cold water can cause gastric contraction, affecting digestion and absorption, and even cause stomach problems, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other problems.

   02, spleen injury

   In the Chinese view spleen hi dry evil wet, long-term drinking cold water results in the alpine combined, damaged spleen yang, thereDiarrhea, abdominal pain, long-term loss of appetite, weight loss and other phenomena.

   03, lung injury

   Chinese medicine refers to "shape the cold drink cold lung injury," said the body catch cold, eating cold food or cold drink will hurt the lungs, pulmonary air occlusive.

   "is the source of phlegm spleen, lung sputum for the storage device," the long-term spleen, lung injury, appeared cough.




   Seven benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

   promote Chinese medicine in the morning is best to drink warm water:

   it First, the human body every day to alternating yin and yang, noon and midnight is the key moment, oxygen began to rise from midnight to morning yang germinal time,

   this time to drink cold water, resulting in positive internal organs gas damage, especially in cold water Firelight is restrained, prone to heart disease.

   Second, Russia, the United States, Japanese scientists also known as warm as a "resurrection water." Use warm water year round, will bring unexpected health care performance.

   1, Paul "stomach" secret

   The first morning drink cup of warm water. Early morning drinking can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease. Ordinary people to drink boiled water early morning as well, should not add salt

   (such as drinking salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is doubly dry mouth. Moreover, the morning the body of blood pressure a peak, drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher).

   2, clean mouth

   Clean warm water, mild, is a benign protective agent, does not stimulate the oral cavity, throat, mouth with warm, fresh feel comfortable; and make oral bacteria , easier to remove food residue.

   3, protect the gums

   Medical research shows that dental optimal temperature is 35 degrees Celsius metabolism. If you brush your teeth not pay attention to the water temperature, easily lead to cramps and bleeding gums, tooth shorten life.

   4, to promote the absorption

   early morning drink warm water not only relieve constipation, reduce thrombosis, the incidence of myocardial infarction, but also help to effectively absorb breakfast. Therefore, the early morning wake up, you must remember to drink 1-2 cups (200-400 mL) warm water.

   5, hangover good effect

   let a drunken man immediately drink several glasses of warm water, can effectively dilute alcohol, protection of human liver, drunk and vomiting compensate for the loss of large amounts of water.

   6, weight loss weight loss

   fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and so can not do without water. In addition, from the viewpoint of food, water can be a little people a feeling of fullness, which allows you to eat a little, assist weight loss.

   7, to prevent colds

   every cold and they will hear doctors nagging: "drink plenty of water ah!" This doctors orders for flu patients is the best prescription.

   Because when people, when a fever, the body for self-protection function of reaction and self-cooling, then there will be sweating, shortness of breath, skin, increased evaporation of water to speed up the metabolic performance.

   This requires to add a lot of water, and the body will also be called thirst performance. A lot of water not only promotes sweating and urination, but also help regulate body temperature, prompting the body of bacteria and viruses rapidly excreted.

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