Occurred at around 5 years of thing men drink meral water re


guy who see it, five years only drink mineral water, long-renal calculi! This is not a joke.


reported that a 45-year-old man in Zhejiang, five years ago, he was posted as deputy general manager of a company in Cambodia. In five years here, the fear of unsanitary water, so they drink mineral water, mineral water and cooking are used in cooking.


One day out, examination revealed that his two kidneys covered with stones, especially in the left kidney, half the place is filled with large and small stones. Doctors Urology Hospital of Zhejiang Province, Xinhua Hu Qing said the long drink mineral water, may cause excessive intake of calcium, he was sweating urination less in Cambodia, easier to excessive calcium deposited in the kidneys.

   is not only Cambodia, Chinas current water quality problems frequently, water and some northern areas tend to be hard, if often drinking will lead to water quality in many parts of the stones, the South is relatively good, but as pesticide residues groundwater and serious pollution of lake water quality, resulting in large amounts of tap water also contains no harmful substances. Many families start looking for the best solution to drinking water, if, as the news of the man, only drink mineral water, a result of insecurity, and secondly also more expensive, with ordinary people can not afford.

   Water is currently the best solution, the terminal is installed in the home of a water purification device, that is connected to the drink, good quality water purifier can effectively filter out the impurities, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, harmful microorganisms ion protect the safety of drinking water at the same time, the solution can also improve the taste of water.

   so many families are now aware of the importance of safe drinking water, start installing water purifiers, which makes water industry booming, water purifier brands have settled in, water purifier manufacturers every night and even the since, huge water purifier market space, but the current domestic water purifier penetration rate of less than 5%, we need safe drinking water is great, but the water purifier literacy is not in place, the family would like to find the best solutions to solve the drinking water but for water purifiers do not understand, most people have not heard of water purifiers, water purifiers and this is a bottleneck in the development industry is currently experiencing.

   such a good water purification products in order to be the majority, clean water to families in need recognized accepted.

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