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   from January to May 2018, water purification equipment market pressure surge, retail sales growth fell from 9.8% in 2017 to 2018 1-- 4.4% in May. In fact, from the policy adjustment portion of the water purification business, we can feel the pressure. So, faced with a sudden increase in market pressure, water purification companies is how to deal with the next turn go from here? The PRC retail monitoring data binding, we work together to explore.


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   1, dropping the price of the line, the high-end market competition will continue to intensify

   enter 2018 , water companies have to respond by dropping prices pressures, such as: the United States turned 600 gallons of water a large universal storm, price straight down 1,000 yuan, down to 4999 yuan / Taiwan; Patio 600 gallons new KRL5806 price 4999 yuan / Taiwan; AO Smith May 1 listed integrated waterway complex series of new products, focusing on niche 4000-4999 yuan price segment; by a lot of water purification companies are high with the price reduction or adjustment of the product line, dropping the price of the initiative to enhance the competitiveness of the market. The PRC offline monthly retail monitoring data show that from January to May 2018, significantly increasing the amount of high-end market share in the retail market in 3000-5999 yuan line under water purification equipment by 11.2%, reaching 64%. Future, water purification equipment line at 3000-5999 yuan market competition will continue to intensify and become water purification business battleground.

   2, line open large flux universal storm, large flux prices will continue dropping water machine

   weekly retail monitoring data lines in accordance with PRC, 2018 1 --5 months, the entry price on the large flux of pure water line is 1516 yuan, of which 1500-1999 yuan price segment accounted for a large share of retail volume flux of pure water market reached 42%, compared to the same period last year expanded 16 percentage point. Cost-effective large flux of pure water has become the focus of competitive water purification, water purification company opened a large throughput universal storm on online price dropping large flux of pure water. The results from the sales point of view, a large flux of pure water line price dropped significantly from 2017 1-- fall 3280 yuan in May of 2018 from January to May of 3092 yuan. Water purification equipment market pressures are still strong

   the second half of 2018, line 3000-5999 yuan high-end market competition will become more intense, online large flux of pure water prices will further downwards.

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