Shanghai International Exhibition the first day of water pu

   Today is the first day of the tenth AQUATECHCHINA2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of Water undertaken. Such a grand exhibition, exhibition of products of so many, it represents a small series is how it all to see, however. However, let me say that most of today most impressive thing is to count this exhibition Changhong clean water.

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- The Department of Changhong home let wisdom sink full of family

   compared with other exhibitors simply come up with a few pieces of water purification products on display, this time once the water purification Changhong Changhong wisdoms entire family of products matrix onto the show throughout the exhibition hall have been very brisk. This move can be described as full of vigor, give all showing strong strength of the brand business, we also see from the side of the one hundred billion Changhong body revealed a large state-owned enterprises out full of confidence emboldened.

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   linked by Newell Changhongs home APP, on-site water purification, kitchen, TV, air conditioning, air net and other products can be easily manipulated on a full range of mobile phones, it is another convenient enough. A machine connectivity, cloud sharing, people feel as if all of a sudden came the next generation of home.

   intelligent cloud services four in one water purification system led intelligent 3.0 era

   on the water this exhibition, Changhong third generation smart water purification products started on line, compared to the common intelligence handheld control, water purification Changhong eyes clearly more long-term. In the exhibition site, water purification Changhong launched the latest cloud service system, designed to set up a water purification wisdom intelligent 3.0 platform. The total cloud service system consists of four modules: vendor management system, the dealer system designed for after-sales service system developed by Palm: master APP, for the users needs: user APP. These four modules for the different positioning as a system, while four in one, attached to the cloud, to achieve interoperability.

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   by this set of cloud service system, water purification Changhong will achieve the water quality of the major areas for precise detection, to create their own water purification big data, and then develop targeted more suitable for high-quality water purification products for the benefit of users. In addition, based on this system, water purification Changhong will introduce leasing, buyout two distinct retail mode, the user can according to their actual situation, choose a more suitable way to enjoy the health brought by Changhong convenient water purification products .

   According to Mr. Jing Ming Qiang, general manager of Changhong Xinhua operation of the water purification description: new cloud based service system, Changhong will still continue to invest in developing clean water, dig out the more innovative model to provide more diverse and closer to the actual user demand for innovative services, to create a more healthy and comfortable home life.

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