Water purifiers to join the agency scam What-



   a scam: malicious buyout Baidu keyword ranking

   Do not think through the Baidu search ranking manufacturers are "cattle brand" is good business! Baidus rules are simple, anyone can do more with who top-ranking, so called "PPC", even if your products and company are "commonplace", as long as willing to spend money also likely to be ranked more forward position on the page, this CCTV (CCTV) has done several reports.

   scam II: "false foreign devils" possessed

   obviously is a Chinese national who opened the company, obviously all of the water purifier is also mainland production or the domestic implementation of commissioned processing (OEM), with foreign countries did not have any relevance, it is known as a State-owned or a country brand, but also marvelous Yunshanwuzhao say also is what Europe, the United States a hundred years of history, the information asymmetry deceive distribution and agents agent.

   Scam 3: "Top Ten", "first" flying.

   in the water purification industry, so-called "top ten water purifier brand", "Chinese famous brand", "industry first", "industry first" and so on all kinds of banner flying If you are new water purification, it might really have believed that deceived. In fact, experts who understand water purifier, take a three to five thousand money you can get a return.

   scam IV: rhetoric cheat "heart"

   Prior to working with you all like playing "chicken blood" unusual excitement, to your rhetoric sentence as "love", the low price may make you drool, what free distribution in any round-trip ticket reimbursement, what is the next market for your training and what you help sellers, brighter promise you, once you get on after the "pirate ship", will find are "nonsense", everyone can not see, could not send the goods goods, before the commitment to cooperation policy also can not be honored, never ignore you.

   scam five: Policy honor "teasing you."

   policy before the bells and whistles of cooperation, support looks great, but if implemented it, it does not work that also no, it also charges that also charges, seven deduction deductions gone, the so-called policy is "teasing you." For instance, some manufacturers to promote tourism have annual or annual awarding ceremony, there really is not, you log on their website to see to know, do you think there is such a good thing they do not vigorously promote it?

   [123 ]

   scam six: qualified fraud, deception cheat franchisees

   water industry is a special industry, before the normal product marketed must be access to national health authorities (health meter Commission and local health departments) of health permits, but according to relevant statistics, only one-third of enterprises in the bid honestly health this document, and there are a large number of companies still in state "without a license driving". And who is more fraud, the competitors of Health this document under PS has become his own.

   scam Seven: Training is just a "legend."

   before cooperation, companies will promise you not only will arrange for uniform training, but also sent a market for your training, teaching you to make money, teach you to do the promotion, shouting slogans of "mountain ring "is not seen implementation. Some water purification agents have been sad to say: "Do not give us a guide to teach us how to do it, we can see manufacturers in the market, people have been considered to be very grateful!"

   [ 123] scam eight: cheap expense of quality.

   and water purifier manufacturers to discuss cooperation, the price naturally is the core content, some manufacturers give you the price is very low, much less than the sales price of the purchase price of the brand into a "too low it is tempting, "but does not know where the" foot in your mouth, "but a lot of unknown to you will be cheated. Give you good support, quality assurance and commitment to do? Especially early entrants are acquaintances earn money, make money small things, big things damaged personal reputation, Drop a liar can not be guaranteed after-sales reputation, the result you know!

   in the water purification industry investment information cohabitation environment, new people want to start to distinguish right from wrong, true and false screening, the election of water purification agents to join the brand, the strength of the old brand, good reputation, clean water and seek common cause.

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