Why water purifier market price uneven-

   Today, ecological protection has become an important part of the green infrastructure development, environmental protection is good public goods, is the well-being of peoples lives, maintaining ecological and environmental protection are the main mode of production, improve environmental protection is the main mode of production. The water purifier products as a modern green consumer goods, from the functional effect itself, it is to solve water pollution and health. But the price of water purifiers in the market is high and low, not only affects the development of the domestic market and even will have some influence in Europe and other developed countries. This situation is mainly due to household water purifiers in the short history of my countrys development.



   With the status of the development of science and technology of water pollution occurs frequently, meaning healthy people for water are also constantly upgrading, which led directly to the development of the water industry continue to add space Big. More and more investors become this big cake, fancy water purification agents franchisee. With the increase of people who want to join, many small brands of small manufacturers and OEM companies continue to emerge, in order to be able to share in a large cake carved, many less than the consequences of the use of water purifier brand quality standards, water purification poor water purification products using low-cost water purification agents to sell to franchisees, resold in the hands of users, so that the price on the market today uneven water purifier.

   Of course, the price of the water purifier cause not only uneven above this, one is that it also has a filtering effect and the water purification filter using different greatly s reason. The cartridge has several general market: PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane and the RO membrane; pp cotton prices generally most times, tallest RO reverse osmosis membranes, different filter material produced according to the price of the water purifier using also do not want the same; of course, a home water purifier which is not just only one filter, mostly using a combination of several, different water purifier prices also need to look at the home water purifier is used in several stages of filtration level to be.

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