Overseas significant increase in performance applicgittnatio

   from selling products to play to the brand, from the company to expand the group, and then expand from domestic market to overseas markets, domestic appliance manufacturers after years of development, products and services worldwide reputation, these achievements are obvious to all, and really go home appliance brand in the international arena are few. Therefore, strength alone is not enough, the next step, domestic appliance manufacturers need to enhance that reputation.


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   Chinese Army "sense of presence" enhancing

   After fierce market competition, domestic appliances "go out "the mission has been completed. Although the appliances in the domestic market saturation is an indisputable fact, but the rapid growth of overseas performance is enough to make up for domestic appliances manufacturers of performance gaps. Haier, TCL, Midea, Hisense, Skyworth and other home appliances giants overseas performance beyond domestic income just around the corner, and most of the revenue comes from its own brand. The

   Not only that, one of last September in Berlin organized by the worlds top three consumer electronics show "IFA Exhibition", more than 1,800 exhibitors from around the world in the number of enterprises reached 700, accounting for 40 %.

   these, reflecting the Chinese home appliance Legion "sense of presence" has greatly increased, but the purpose of domestic appliance manufacturers globalization strategy to achieve it? Overseas performance of rapid growth Ye Hao, a large proportion of international exhibitors show worth mentioning, which only shows that domestic appliances gained more recognition overseas markets. The real purpose is to overseas market recognition of domestic appliance brand.

   domestic enterprises overseas strategic layout

   at last years IFA exhibition, Haier Casa Imperial carry, multi-brand Fisher & Paykel, GE appliances appeared together; and Skyworths Metz launched wallpaper type OLED TV; TCL is not the use of a small area showing concern Alcatel alpha Idol5S phone and Blackberry KEYone phone.

   As can be seen from the above promotion, domestic appliance manufacturers primarily through the "dual brand" strategy and acquisition strategy in overseas marketing. "Dual brand" strategy that is introduced sub-brands for the overseas market, which is mostly independent technology, such as Haiers Casa Di etc; and M & A strategy is mainly to buy overseas mature companies, such as Haiers GE, TCL and Alcatels .

   ChinaHousehold Electrical Appliances Association, said Jiang Feng, the past is exports, the main "MadeinChina", the brand is now out to sea. Through overseas mergers and acquisitions last year, the acquisition of GE Appliances Haier, Midea acquisition of Toshibas home appliance, quickly entered the mainstream European and American markets.

   make their own brands to accelerate

   Although the domestic home appliance giant to enter the overseas market have taken a merger of cooperation, but these companies are not the same marketing strategy of "going out." China CCCME appliance branch Secretary General Zhou Nan said that Haier, Midea cross-border mergers and acquisitions, on the one hand for the target market, such as the acquisition of GE Appliances Haier mainly aimed at the US market; on the other hand in order to enhance research and development, such as the United States and the rise of smart acquisitions KUKA Manufacturing capacity.

   In recent years, the domestic appliance brand has been basically out of pure foundry era, independent design and development into the mainstream industry. "Chinese home appliances going out mission has been completed and is now entering the Chinese brands and Chinese innovation going out of a new era." Zhou Nan said.

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