Water purification agents in the rural market should be how

   rural people are very simple, something good is good, bad is bad, word of mouth is very important, very important after the sale to sell things, you can make a record in the table, the time to remind the user to replace the filter, what after-sale problems solved in time, good things, users will naturally go to recommend to others.

   As the water pollution in my country has become increasingly common phenomenon, many families and units have chosen to install water purifiers. Lured by the overall rise in the water purifier market demand and broad market prospects, agents, joined water purifiers become the current hottest appliance industry. However, from the current coverage of my countrys water purifier stores it can be seen, most of our water purifier sales for the big cities, water purifier penetration rate is mostly concentrated in urban areas. And look at rural markets, water purifiers stores are few, although many investors also turned to target rural areas, but because of the limitations of the peoples economy, knowledge level, health consciousness, many investors on how rural agents, joined water purifier that "puzzled."

   how rural agents, water purifiers to join it, how to start the proxy purifier correct, proper marketing in rural areas? Water purification agents, which brand to join good? In this regard, there are a number of domestic net in-depth discussion of water is marketing experts to expand on this issue, finally reached a consensus that if you want more quickly and smoothly open rural water purifier market, following several marketing techniques that must be mastered, and for a moment the net brand water situation, recommend the most appropriate agent in several rural areas to join the water purifier brand, take a look at

   a skill:! villagers personal experience products.

   can taste the water, touch the machine to enhance the customer experience to get a sense of consumer recognition, in addition, the method free trial for 15 days or 30 days, without a net is back, reclaim the purchase. After the customer free trial, you can not do without water purifier, because they feel water taste not equipped with a water purifier when really do not like, so after the trial period ends, you will choose to buy. This allows consumers to personally experience the effects of water purifiers, once used, you can clearly feel its benefits.

   Skills II: the establishment of distribution networks in rural areas.

   can solve the frequent delivery of trouble. In rural development distribution network can choose general retail store, you can choose a general appliance stores, distribution network development is to make the key distributionBusiness learning sales techniques, see the sales results. Rapid dissemination of information in rural areas, a region in the future to establish a distribution network, other areas will be developed rapidly.

   Skills III: after-sales service.

   In rural agents, water purifiers to join, more than three points is a must to master the skills, in addition, agents, franchisees also have more ways in the actual process.

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