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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, spring to determine how you analyze the water quality is good or bad; water pollution prevention action plan, Yongkang source believes there is potential for the development of the water purifier. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (May 25 - May 31) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   do not understand this line water filter for your spring to analyze how to determine the water quality is good or bad

   for in water purification line, sometimes customers ask us to filter, RO membranes are typically long for once, we usually say, this depends on your usage you that the water quality is good or bad, to analyze specific issues. So how can you determine the water quality of it? Listen to the experts tell you should be judged good or bad water quality from these areas. [Click for more]

   Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan Yongkang source firmly believe that great development potential water purifier

   Following the "atmosphere ten" ( "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan"), yet another country major pollution prevention plan - "water pollution prevention action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "water ten") will be fully implemented. It is reported that the total investment is expected to more than 2 trillion yuan draft plan has been submitted to the State Council for consideration. After the "Water 10" was announced, segments associated with it will enter a rapid growth period. [Click for more]

   How to buy a home water purifier to the net to give you Weapon

   as a home water purifier essential goods, has unwittingly walked into millions of families, improve water quality and ensure healthy drinking water, I believe this is all want to see. However, faced with a hodgepodge of many brands, consumers do encounter any kind of problem? Do you have the same have such trouble? The following is a summary of the small series netizens doubt, unified answer for everyone. Not purchase water purifiers friends, you can pose it up! [Click for more]

   storm water pollution caused by pathogenic defend people drinking water purification may sound health

   Recently, most of the country regions have seen a continued strong rains, the general public should pay attention to prevention of geological disasters arising therefrom, as well as travel urban waterlogging traffic problems. While heavy rains causing inconvenience to the production and life of urban residents, but also to bring healthy water drains and other urban infrastructure and publicSecurity risks. [Click for more]

   water purifier dealers how to cultivate excellent staff in Europe Hui Pu coup

   done whenever sales have heard "not sell products, not only to sell product of people, "the phrase sharply revealed the importance of having a good Purchasing Guide. As just cut into the domestic market is still short of water purification industry, Purchasing Guide training is more important. After all outstanding Purchasing Guide can enhance product image and retain a large number of loyal customers, thus helping the dealer winning end. [Click for more]

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