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do not know when to begin, manufacturers win this word began to frequently appear in various industries. However, in reality, many processes in companies and distributors often have a variety of problems, really do win rare. In fact, dealers and enterprises with good or bad, is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises.


   experts said, to make the vendor win-win, we must first change the transactional relationships between firms in the past, making it a partnership-type relationship, to achieve a win-win strategy, that is, the two sides achieved under the premise to achieve the interests of synchronous increase, which is the vendor relations to strengthen and consolidate the fundamental way out. Therefore, Europe Hui Pu water purifiers at the same time improve product quality and perfect after-sales service system, and actively explore new channels of cooperation model to enhance the market competitiveness of dealers, help dealers grow quickly in order to maximize the degree of vendor win-win situation.

   water purification industry in the field of home appliances is also an emerging industry, so many dealers have no direction and goals. Europe Pu local conditions to help each dealer will design the right direction to ensure that one start onto the track. And give some support, such as shop support, advertising support, staff support, promotional support ... .. is to better growth dealers. Moreover, from the building of specialized marketing, real exchange platform, expand the regular training and interaction, cut from many areas of market research, marketing strategies, promotions, customer relationship maintenance, to enhance the level of dealer marketing, support a local dealer the demonstration benchmark.

   As the European Hui Pu, general manager, said in an interview: "The competitiveness of enterprises eventually to competing brands and the market, between Europe Hui Pu and dealers are not just commercial cooperation, but also a strategic partner in Europe Hui Pu bring dealers. not only considerable economic benefits, but also a long-term profit model, to help dealers grow rapidly. empathy, from the dealers point of view to consider the issue, is the basis for the two sides to maintain high-quality long-term cooperation.

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