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  The reason water purifier filter replacement are: 1, filter out of action. Due to the use of time is too long, the filter will be useless, because if the filter function to use their own water filtering filtered water at the time, so that the water is to play a role through a filter cartridge. However, such a nature that the filter will reach one saturated state, when the filter reaches such a state that can no longer be used, because it has lost the function of the filtered water. 鍑€姘村櫒婊よ姱鏇存崲鐨勫師鍥?鑿叉郸鏂噣姘村櫒 2, too many impurities adsorbed in the filter. Water purifier filter through its adsorption capacity to play a role in purifying water, purified water so every time is going to be out of the water adsorption dust, but the dust has been left in the cartridge which, when the filter used for some time after that, the adsorption of dust has more than enough. So when filtered water again, not only it can not re-adsorption of dust will also have adsorbed dust as the water flows and released. This will allow the water to become more dust and impurities, failed to reach the filtering effect. 3, the filter element is damaged. The role of the filter is to filter out impurities in the water, let the water more clean and pure, but a filter is damaged but it is not the purpose of filtered water. If you need to replace the filter element is damaged, sometimes we may not know the filter is damaged, from the color of the water is also not in the end determine whether a filter, so sometimes we will never drink filtered water, which is why often water purifier replacement filter. 鍑€姘村櫒婊よ姱鏇存崲鐨勫師鍥?鑿叉郸鏂噣姘村櫒 The above is to give us a presentation on how to change the water filter cartridge introduced, and why water purifier filter replacement, I believe will be for water purification filters after we have seen have more knowledge and understanding the bar. Merchants of household water purifiers water purifier filter replacement is needed, because there will be a long time after some of the stains of bacteria present in them, so for the quality of our lives, we must replace the filter. Want to join the water purifier how to choose the brand? Preferred Phipps water purifiers top ten brands.

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