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   at 14:00 on October 26th, Georgia and the US Luan outstanding dealers ordering the official curtain in the West Sea eco-resort, more than 50 distributors from Luan area gathered to jointly Broader regional water purifier market plan, while the new 2015 model grid designed for the United States launched a new product showed a strong desire to buy. Ordering a link kicked off, eager distributors have long been unable to control themselves, and instantly ignite passion detonated given machine climax. Just 30 minutes of ordering links, a single high volume of orders over a single, and the atmosphere reach the boiling point, the final transaction 2170 Taiwan! Fiery passion beckons buy water purifier Georgia and the US will in Anhui even across the country to fire full of potential quickly capture the market high ground!




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   high color value, full of tech-mate new throughout orders will always be a warm response, praise waves; Georgia and the US reveals a strong product development capabilities and unique brand of charm. "Vendor integration" strategic win-win relationship with customers concluded into a real "community of interests" in the area of 鈥嬧€媜perations, crucial aspects of the market, personal service and other services supporting more intensive dealers who subscribe to let go of reassurance.



   Dealers said participants: companies and for so long, the product of Georgia and the US I was more at ease, whether it is the appearance, texture and functionality, are first-rate. Compared to the product, I pay more attention to our company is a reseller of market support. These days followed behind the marketing department of the brothers to see how they use the original mode of operation activities, the result of a team, three or four people three days to sell more than 40 of these machines, really shocking to me, but also makes me more Have confidence. So, today I set 200.


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   In the current fierce competition in the Chinese water market, Georgia and the US for its high degree of specialization and innovation and enhance the marketing strategy for the show future of the brand qualities. The companys strong brand development strategy, the importance of the channel and the terminal building and real support to partners so that the majority of dealers on the future development of confidence. We have reason to look forward to the end of this ordering, Georgia and the US will continue to lead in the field of water purification, to bring consumers a new healthy living experience.



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