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  Time flies, may sound brand is 35 years old. If the hundred years of life and compare, may sound brand is already middle-aged. When Rongsheng was born in reform and opening up, grew up in the Chinese market, the vibrant 1990s and matured in the 21st century. In 2008, the financial crisis sweeping the globe, all appliances enterprises are facing a crisis, but the crisis also means opportunity, then, Rong Sheng Electric spend 100 million dollars may sound water appliances Industrial Park, officially launched the China Rongsheng water purification project. And the growth of all new projects, like water purification Rongsheng also experienced the bitterness of the early days of the project, but also gain the joy of success, and the pain changed hands several times. Looking back, the ups and downs all in one. In order to develop the most suitable for Chinese people to use water purifiers, may sound R & D team traveled the country to study various typical areas of water quality, water purification experiments carried out thousands of times, and finally set up dozens of stable quality, cost-effective high, stylish water purifier. Proud of this moment, we are providing healthy drinking water services to nearly a million people in the country, provides business solutions for drinking nearly a hundred well-known enterprises. Whether past, present or future, may sound water purification only do one thing - make the most suitable for Chinese people to use water purifiers. 瀹瑰0锛氫笓涓氬噣姘?5骞?鍑€鍑哄仴搴? /></p><p>   Although the new class is done in Rongsheng brands on the basis of 35 years, but in order to receive professional, respected industry peers, as well as the national consumer recognition, is a very easy thing. Water purification may sound, this is done for seven years. </p><p>   1, product quality and international standards, each machine must undergo a rigorous quality inspection </p><p>   water purifier water purifier principle, it seems very simple, nothing more than the physical layers of filtration, but production process was exceptionally tight. How to choose materials, how to arrange the line, how intelligent water purifier and filter what materials, how to make the home environment more suitable for water purifier use, how to use safer, more importantly, how to enable consumers to drink more clean healthier water ...... every detail worthy of scrutiny. For this reason, the introduction of international quality water purification may sound detection method, purchasing international brands ro film important parts factory each machine must undergo stringent quality checks, consumer confidence drink good water. </p><p>   2, may sound the manufacturers own production, research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights </p><p>   now water purifier on the market, the appearance of seemingly the same, but within the great heaven and earth, of varying quality . Even some well-known brands of water purification productsAll oem, not have their own proprietary products. To control the product quality, good after-sales service, we must be independent production, and products with independent intellectual property rights, so as to stand up straight in front of consumers. Rongsheng Rongsheng water purification through fully integrated appliance consists of nine branches four major production base of resources, make full use of their professional CNC mold, injection molding workshop, as well as a number of fully automated assembly line imported from Germany, adhere to independent production. </p><p>   so far, may sound water purification series drinking fountains won the national 3C mandatory product quality certification, mandatory water batch number, number of utility model patent certificate, industries and other honors. Each of this certificate, every honor have focused on water purification may sound team effort, which is not only well protected in our products, but also a testament to our innovative company. </p><p>   3,

   November 18, 2014, Rong Sheng Electric stand out from the water purification company in 3200, he won the 2014 Chinas water industrys top ten well-known brand name. As Chinas leading appliance brand, may sound brand value has reached 5.8 billion yuan, may sound water purifier also has become the benchmark for Chinas water industry.

   "set director of the public, a healthy net", which is the expectation of all members of Rongsheng water purification business. Rongsheng clean water - to make the most suitable for Chinese people to use water purifier, may sound quality, stand the test now may sound water purification business partners are invited, together we wind waves, Yang Fan voyage


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