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  Tim net water purification: I love the water, but unfortunately the water, saving water is an urgent matter of: Tim net water purification Views: 659 Date: 2016-6-8 10:57:12 鎭噣鍑€姘达細鐖辨按銆佹儨姘淬€佽妭姘存槸鍒讳笉瀹圭紦鐨勭殑浜嬫儏 June 5, Hunan Province government departments, research centers and universities, Hunan environmental protection enterprises a total of nearly three hundred people jointly issued the Foothills initiatives to protect water resources in the main hall of Hunan Normal university. The delegates will focus on the whole society to care for water resources, promote public participation in environmental protection topics were discussed exchanges, reached a consensus. According to Xiao Bian Tian net household water purifiers water purification learned that this years World Environment Day, the theme of scientific Hunan protection and use of water resources, Hunan Province, will focus on the theme of water as a popular science lectures and academic reports, and scientific and technological activities started simultaneously week "love the water Xi water-saving" special promotional activities. ASEM Water Resource Research and Center will take this opportunity to offer "eco Hunan, beautiful home" photo contest and other activities in order to increase the whole society for the protection of water resources and scientific utilization of attention and participation.

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