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   As the water purification industry and technology continues to mature, and now water purifier product functionality has been basically able to meet consumer demand. The quality of service has become the focus of competition in the water purifier manufacturers, if we can win consumers reputation in the field of sale, the water purifier manufacturers is bound to be able to place on the market, and the entire water purifier water purifier brand from the sale will be as a breakthrough, and then get branding victory.




to do the water purification industry for sale to the consumer "appetite" (Photo from Internet)

   First, the status aftermarket water purifier analysis

   Although the number of domestic water purifier brand is growing, but many water purifier manufacturers do not have independent research and development, production, sales and after-sales capacity to work. This also led to the water purification industry was chaos, not only difficult for consumers to choose water purifier on the pre-purchase, after all, some home water purifier price is the bottom line challenge in the industry, are not guaranteed after-sales service .

   Specifically, water purification products and even some non-existent service standards, which is the water purifier brand increased rate of complaints is an important reason. Discovered from the most complaints, the consumer and the water purifier business communication is the main reason for the problem. Reflects many consumers, it suffered a water purifier scam, on the official website of the contract or the manufacturer of the flash sale potency phone useless, or no answer for a long time, and some even answer did not provide proper service attitude.

   From this enterprise, whether it is provided by a water purifier manufacturers after-sales service, or the use of outsourcing mechanism, such as due to the financial, human and other resources are scarce or asymmetrical, service fees accounted for only a very small investment ratio, so the service unwittingly slack. And some water purifier manufacturers and even from the other side "Zhaobu" in the sale of home maintenance and zero cost water purifier devices, such as profiteering on water purification filters, is based on this, after-sales work, what "minor ailments overhaul" "perpetrating a fraud", "casually pricing" and chaos often than not, some consumers are helpless, some consumers also picked up the legal weapons to protect their own interests. This not only causes water purifier manufacturers to economically missing, also had a negative impact on the water purifier brand reputation. This is a typical after-sales service is a problem, which is the moment a lot of water purifier manufacturers a common problem.

   Second, the water purifier sale into a new growth point of

   have to admit that, in the continuous influx of water purifier manufacturers, continue to increase the supply of water purification products, intense competition in the market situation , water purifier sales increasingly slim profit margins. Many suffering pressure water purifier auto manufacturers, stagnating in the profit. However, compared to other aspects of marketing water purifier, water purifier water purifier aftermarket industry chain is the most stable source of profit, so the water purifier sales profits are being squeezed today, water purifier companies and distributors should be more focus on service quality, water filter should be changed unilaterally sale is the companys investment situation, but also to improve customer service evaluation of the water purifier manufacturers sale, so water purifier water purifier brand of aftermarket become a new growth point. Only in this way, corporate earnings is the most economical, the most stable of brand influence is greatest.

   then the water purifier manufacturers should be how to solve this problem, namely how to deal with the water purifier sales work it?

   Third, the sale of water purifier a few key

   1. the most important sale of consciousness

   What is consciousness sale, namely water purifier manufacturers need to put into the service water purifier water purifier brand building must be clear of the importance of water purifier sales work, so that it can be properly positioned to ensure that the water purifier brand aftermarket falling into a vicious circle; another aspect is, service personnel must have a positive attitude, although the customer is God does not hold, but a certain humility in any way the customer It will pay off. Dealing with service mentality to change, there is no peace of mind, is doing well after sales, because customers are what kind of character, what kind of mood there; if the last is subject to the customer complaints, to be more calm attitude to treatment, we must first appease the customer, the customer emotions calm down, and listen to customer dissatisfaction, so that, even if the customers grievances or grievances will be eased, and finally if we can successfully solve the customers problem, so after-sales complaints it would be a bad thing, the opposite may be able to increase user confidence in the sale of water purifier manufacturers to some extent, a sense of belonging to the water purifier brand.

   2. Aftermarket efficiency is crucial

   Clearly, water purifier manufacturers respond to consumer sales issues inefficient larger aftermarket obstacle, which is the sale of water purifier manufacturers have been customersThe main reason criticism, so that customer complaints more emotionally high, it is essential to establish the effectiveness of after-sales business rapid response mechanism set, which is also a test water purifier enterprise software and hard power key. In this regard, water purifier companies need to establish open communication path, and to establish the effectiveness of aftermarket parts to maintain smooth communication of information, the effectiveness of follow up in a timely manner, in order to establish a rapid response mechanism.

   3. The sales staff is trained to protect

   When the purpose of the sale of the development, we must begin to start preparing. Water purifier manufacturers of aftermarket key is to always do the training of sales staff, which includes after-sales service awareness training, basic knowledge, basic skills, including on-site training for customer communication should be put in place. Because, for now, the service is generally are carried out together by the installer, it will conduct a series of maintenance work by the appropriate personnel. Good training enables service employees with professional product knowledge, positive attitude and a serious and dedicated spirit of service, to provide more and better quality services to customers at work, to win customer satisfaction.

   4. Service detail is the match point

   because the service is dealing with customers, but we must pay attention to skills in dealing with people, and say to win in the details, often seemingly insignificant place able to impress customers. In this respect, after-sales service is the double-edged sword, as do, put it well. This requires sales staff should do a good job every detail, such as the clients home to replace the shoes, such as cleaning after the sale is completed, collecting refuse, and so on. On the other hand, companies in the water purifier brand of publicity, this should be related to after-sales service and attention to detail, the consumer must not have to worry about. In other words, only water purifier manufacturers to seize the details in the process of brand building, brand success to glory.

   current service awareness household electrical appliance enterprises must change from passive to active to wait, to find and implement a service as possible to solve the problem in the bud, "says someone insiders.

   In short, water purification business in order to make the water purifier market, expand their brand influence, we must take after-sales service as an essential marketing tool, continuously improve service skills, and constantly improve the service concept, good maintenance now there customer base.

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