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   September 10, sponsored by the China Consumer Association Second purifier consumer science education charity opening. Day, held in Nanjing, "Perceptions and - water purifier Consumer talk about" forum activities, responsible persons from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Council Development Research Center, and other relevant professional bodies and the National Consumers Association, more than 50 local organizations nearly a hundred domestic mainstream water purification products production and business units attended the event ceremony.



   deputy general manager of Midea Group, water heater department Zheng Army-invited to attend. During the event, Zheng instrument army also received a number of media interviews to share the beauty of the Groups experience and views on the popularity of clean water.

   Q:? United States is a comprehensive appliance group, and water purifiers only US manufacturer of a product category, can you tell us about the positioning of the internal water purification products in the United States in clean water terms, the United States has What kind of planning

   a:? US home appliances Group has several products business group, business group and clean water is an extremely important part of the group, one of the United States also focus on the development of the future direction of the group. Currently, the United States is building a cluster multiple products, including water systems, air systems, as well as nutrition systems, including security systems. Among them, the Groups future water system is an important development module, attach great importance to the Group and division, and invested considerable research and development efforts, the construction of large-scale industrial park. The United States is committed to creating the perfect solution to clean drinking water and products group, has a perfect after-sales team.

   Q: The past six months, the media has been concerned about the trend of the US tender offer library cards. ? How the US water purification products production automation production line whether the introduction of the robot impact on the cost of how much

   A:?? As we all know, in May this year, the United States bid for the library card is issued, July 16, about period has ended. Tender offer by the relevant departments for approval, and the next step can not really complete delivery is the key to the US group into the intelligent manufacturing industry, to enter the field of intelligent manufacturing is one of the strategic direction of the Group.

   As we all know, is a process automation to achieve in the current China, labor costs, rising logistics costs, automation is an inevitable choice and trends, automation can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. In the past five or six years, the US water purification product line section section has been automated.The acquisition library card, automation of beauty is a very powerful meeting point. Future, the US water purification production line will be introduced more robots, to accelerate the pace to enter the smart manufacturing, which is the direction of the group effort.

   Q: Orville cloud network had predicted that this year China water purifier market size of about 30 billion yuan, the growth rate reached 56.3%, figures are very alarming. However, we found that the penetration of water purifiers and Western developed countries still have a long gap, do you think the water purifier obstacle to the popularity of what the United States what measures to crack

   A:?? Water purification in the past few years the industry are in a high-growth state, precisely because of the rapid growth of the industry, many companies crowding. Currently, as many as thousands of water purification industry, the brand, industry showed scattered, more complicated situation, uneven industry standards, after-sales service is more difficult to protect. In this regard, the US group hopes to upgrade the standard, to strengthen supervision, industry self-discipline. Water purification products need to continue and improve after-sales service network, so the US call: water purification companies should strive to do their own technology, service double upgrade.

   Q: Can you tell us the specific actions involved in this water purifier consumer popularity of public service activities under the United States, in addition to participating in the forum today, the United States will have no participation which links and outreach activities synchronized marketing campaigns? ?

   a: the United States is the second time in the water purifier consumer popularity of the public welfare activities, in addition to todays forum, the United States and in the country as well as five large-scale promotional activities. At the same time, the United States and the country has 200 flagship stores and specialty stores joined the clean water science camp store experience. In addition, the channel will be online promotion under the United States, the majority of consumers to the popularity of the current status of water resources, enhance consumer awareness of the water purification industry as well as water purification products, so that consumers reasonable choice of water purification products, companies feel the intentions . Such popularity is valuable.

   Q: This is the second session of the purifier consumer outreach activities, can talk about the feeling of beauty industry to participate in outreach activities as well as youd expect industry-wide

   A:? Based on the current net scale development of the water industry, the industry status quo and future development of space, clean water consumption involved in outreach activities of the largest touch of beauty is: the obligation to make public both the water purification company profound understanding of Chinas water environment, have the responsibility of passing the real water quality to help the public understand the current situation effectively. At the same time, do not let people ask ignore water qualityProblem, especially in rural areas three or four markets. For a long time, water companies regard the secondary market as the focus, but they ignore the three or four markets. People 34 markets more difficult to receive healthy concept of drinking water, but do not know how to choose a water purifier. Therefore, the United States has been hoping a similar public service activities, we wake correct understanding of the current water resources, we awaken awareness of the water industry and water purification products, so that every consumer to buy for their own consumption environment, and at the same time a cost-effective, quality is more reassuring, services in place of water purification products.

   The United States also want to be able to simultaneously multi-dimensional activities from the national level, industry level, the China Consumer Association level and media level attack, we work together, for governments to regulate the industry to self-discipline, proper media publicity. Thus, the water industry can develop more healthy.

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