Why is the glass cracked by hot water,


   glass will inevitably be hot crack in use, why glass is hot hot crack it, for you to answer.




whether you will encounter case cracked glass cup of hot water, precisely because so many people are careful to use glass, glass that is why hot water crack it, this is how it happened, then to answer them.


Why is hot water glass crack, glass burst reason is because of the expansion. Pour a cup of hot water, the inner wall of the cup on the rapid expansion of the heat, but the cup outer wall was still intact, the inner glass out suddenly pressing strongly on broken glass. If the pre-heated at the same time let the outside of the inner cup, then pour hot water, the degree of difference between the inside and outside of the cup expansion is not so big, it will not burst up. However, if the glass is thin, even pour hot water, heat will soon spread to the outside, so inside and outside at the same time expanding the cup will not be easy to break. Further, so-called heat-resistant glass and hard glass, because only a small proportion of expanded easily burst.


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