Pregnant drink tap water okay


   pregnant drink tap water, okay, well, pregnant women not to drink unboiled water is best during pregnancy, so as not to affect the normal development of the child, drink plenty of water to drink boiled water after also, following on to the next.




Water is very important for pregnant women, but also requires baby sufficient liquid to absorb nutrients and metabolism. Well, what about pregnant women drink ah, what a pregnant woman can not drink water it, how the water was safe to drink? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, pregnant again drink of water, please? Then talk about pregnant women can not drink the water.


1, do not boil water because the residual organic chlorine in tap water interaction, produces called "trihydroxy" carcinogen. Pregnant women do not drink more than 24 hours of stored water in the hot water bottle because the bottle with the gradual decline in water temperature, chlorinated organic compounds in water will continue to be broken down into harmful nitrite, for pregnant women, the bodys internal environment is extremely unfavorable.


2, long after boiling water repeatedly boiled, the concentration of nitrite and arsenic and other harmful substances in the water is relatively increased, this will result in a low methemoglobin in the blood bound to a not carry oxygen methemoglobin, may oxygenated blood to cause expectant mothers to reduce the threat of fetal safety. Now, many people like to choose convenient health drink pure water.


3, the contaminated industrial production contaminants such as water and wastewater pregnant women must not be contaminated drinking water, waste gas, waste and other water contaminants in industrial production, so that even after a high temperature boiling water , water, toxic chemicals still exist. Pregnant mothers not to drink after the steamed rice or steamed meat "leftover water."


4, because tea mug brew tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline, vitamins, etc., and aromatic oils. If the tea leaves soaked in water mug, and a variety of vitamins and nutrients is reduced a lot of damage, bitter tea, an increase of harmful substances, after drinking can cause disorders of the digestive system and the nervous system.


5, more tea tea contains tannin and caffeine. Pregnant women often drink tea to affect fetal bone development, tannic also interfere with the absorption of iron, causing anemia during pregnancy or difficult to treat anemia.


6, soda soda phosphate reacts with the iron in food into the intestine, the body produce substances useless. Pregnant women to drink large amounts of steamWater will consume some iron could cause anemia. Cola drinks contain caffeine, which can quickly through the placenta to the fetus, the fetus is adversely affected.


above is small series of pregnant women to tell you when to drink to note, pregnant women and water is not possible, but you can drink tap water after boiling, the more families drinking little knowledge, so stay tuned Ben Wang.




Editor: Zhang Fu

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