Water purifier manufacturs should strengthen the intsity of

  4 water purifier manufacturers should strengthen aspects of the intensity of competition: Tim net water purification Views: 529 Published: 2016-10-18 10:04:47 enter the water industry more and more businesses, increasing the water purification industry competition. If you want water purifier manufacturers in the face of fierce competition to achieve a breakthrough, we need to focus on four aspects to grasp. First, the quality of competition in the use of modern production equipment and management practices, to guarantee product performance, implementation of brand strategy, improve competitiveness and market share. However, many small businesses due to the number of personnel, technology, equipment and other resources are relatively weak, the quality of their products is limited. Affecting the industry as a whole to improve the quality level of products. Second, technology and service competition and technological innovation, improve the technical quality of enterprises, enhance the overall quality of products is the only way for sustainable development of enterprises. Many companies develop a sales and after-sales service installation rules in order to compete for customers, expanding the market. However, due to the water purifier itself is difficult to maintain, especially the majority of its sales end-user distributed live in towns and rural users are more dispersed distribution network for manufacturers high maintenance requirements, there are a lot of detailed work needs to continue to improve and strengthen business . Third, lower technical barriers to water purification industry price competition and capital barriers, there is a certain profit margin, making a large influx of small investors in the industry, resulting in low industrial concentration, the smaller companies generally scale; in particular Some small businesses, operating in the operation of the market is not standardized, shoddy, shoddy work, swimming sales and dumping. Down the entire industry profit margins, adversely affect the development of the industry. Fourth, the competition for talent and capital resources talent to become a powerful water purifier manufacturers for product innovation and improve efficiency. Enterprises through training and use a variety of talents, including management, technology and marketing personnel, and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Competition is the inevitable outcome of the development of the industry, since the development of water purification industry increased from dozens of brands now developed into thousands of species, competition between companies increasingly fierce water purifier, you want to stand out, water purifier enterprises can start from the above four points.

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