Part of the water purifier security is not ideal consums to

   Recently, in a comparative test of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee shows that the presence of water purification products market in part excessive heavy metals, microorganisms and other issues easy to breed, so that the water purification product safety issues once again caused widespread concern.


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Security purifier section over the consumer not to be alert (picture from the network)

   Consumer Protection Committee: Commercially available safety purifier is not satisfactory

   According to the comparison test results showed that some water purification products with heavy metals exceeded, easy to breed security issues microorganisms, water purification effectiveness has yet to be improved.

   Comparative Test First, 20 water purification products safety detection items, heavy metals in the project, and the precipitated two sample exceeds the limit, to lead, cadmium, mercury and the like; the amount of oxygen in the project , the effect of precipitation of four samples exceeds the limit. According to reports, oxygen consumption and related organic pollutants in water, high oxygen consumption may increase the risk of microbial drinking water.

   In terms of functionality, chlorine disinfectants are less effective removal of a sample, removal of volatile phenol 3 samples unsatisfactory. Wherein the removal of a water purifier chloroform 58%, 鈮?0% lower than the threshold requirements.

   Notably, comparative study found that a water purification ultrafiltration machine models, Pb, Cd, Hg and more than three incremental value, wherein the exceeding 16.8 cadmium, lead exceeded nearly 7 times, this product is also the presence of excessive oxygen consumption value, poor water purification effect and many other issues, it can be risky.

   water purifier product safety issues is not the first time the public is focused. July 2014 to November, law enforcement inspection AQSIQ organized the Enforcement Division of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places to carry out quality supervision department found that 27 water purifier manufacturers in 13 enterprises some of the products failed , failed projects concentrated in turbidity, visible matter, the amount of oxygen and the like.

   Manufacturer: indicators of failure the whole blame glycerol

   In interviews on-site water purification and Consumer Protection Committee of the enterprise, oxygen consumption failed companies have argued that the project is not the product itself the problem, but the cause of the failure was due to "glycerol put too much."

   a brand leader responded by saying in interviews on-site, excessive oxygen consumption may be installed in "glycerine no rinse" cause; it is heavy metal precipitation exceeded, It will involve lots of products for logistics tracking, maintain communication with users of the batch, if consumers put forward, can return. Another accused person in charge of a certain brand of oxygen consumption, also known as excessive, may be "the installation glycerol put too much", companies will find the cause as soon as possible, make a note to consumers.

   An industry expert said, companies can not always use the unsatisfactory results of the blame to the consumer, the consumer how to wash glycerol, how long and so need to wash only in accordance with the instructions to operate, whether real rinse consumers can not judge for themselves, which requires companies to more rigorous and rational in the guidance of the specification. Enterprises should have sufficient knowledge of the high incidence of problem consumption can not always push to "put too much glycerin", should have more sense of responsibility.

   Expert: alert businesses "play concept"

   In China, water purifier is an emerging industry, the current number of producers around 1000. Experts point out that commercial water purification product performance and price a wide gap between rational choice to consumers, at the same time, some businesses wary of "play concept" to protect their own interests.

   An industry expert analysis of the comparative test results that this test of five in reverse osmosis water purifiers are the indicators of good performance, this type of water purifier filters than the general water purifier higher precision, most of the substance in water may be filtered, allowing only water molecules. Refers to a reverse osmosis water purification is reverse osmosis membrane technology to filter most of the water particles, inorganic, organic, bacterial microorganisms, heavy metals, etc., obtained as a drinking water treatment apparatus, also referred to as pure water.

   While the filtered water can be directly drink, but the reverse osmosis water purification unit price much higher than the average water purifier, the use of post-maintenance, there are still low water usage, replacement of the filter high cost and so on. Commercial reverse osmosis water purifier tens of thousand dollars, the general water purifier is mostly just a few hundred dollars, advised consumers according to their spending power, consumer habits make a choice.

   Consumer Protection Committee recommends that consumers buy water purifier products that have health permits selection of merchandise. According to "drinking water health supervision and management approach", whether domestic or imported water purification machines, manufacturers must obtain health permits health administrative departments, and each brand and each model of water purifier health permits unique lot number, consumers can check via the satellite Planning Commission website.

   survey, the Consumer Protection Committee found that there are some "sell the concept of" problem "to engage in gimmicks," the water purifier product promotion. For example, some businesses after installing a water purifier uses TDS pen TDS value of water quality tests to demonstrate the ability to filter their own water purifier to consumers. In fact, the TDS refers to the total concentration of dissolved substances in the water, mainly reflecting the relationship between hardness and conductivity of the potassium concentration in water of the calcium and magnesium ions in water and does not reflect the water quality.

   When consumers buy water purifier products, do not blindly believe the propaganda business, it is best to first understand the relevant knowledge of water purifier, then according to the authoritative standards, to identify good or bad quality water purifier. (Source: National Grid)

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